UO Strange-Earth,

Beautiful new shard running High Seas with so much to get lost in. Staff consist of myself and a UO historian both of which are active in making this shard a strange but fantastic world to play in.

Countless hours have been spent discussing how to recreate some of those nostalgic UO moments you had as a kid. Here are just some of the ingredients we came up with,
  • Free from "pay to play" tactics, meaning this is 100% free, hosted by passionate gamers like you
  • Built in scripted player commands such as [selfres and [claim have been added to help speed up the mundane tasks
  • 1yr old accounts gain +1 house slot & can place houses in custom regions
  • Skill and Stat caps have been carefully vetted to help enrich gameplay
  • Custom quests, maps, buildings, storage keys, PvE, and PvP, we have it all :)
We are active in our dev work and have big ambitions to continue to add to this server as time allows for it.

This world was meant for you to play in so come join us! Discord channel
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Client patcher ver. 1.2 has passed my quality checks and has now been uploaded
  • Path will now attempt to prepopulate if it can find the UO files
  • Now includes a Read Me.txt that contains detailed steps for first time adventures
  • Files have been shuffled around making for a cleaner root folder

I also created a quick youtube on how to get connected up to the UOStrange-Earth shard.

Dont forget to stop by our discord channel to see even more updates.

Strange-Earth Strikes again with lots of updates. Latest milestones include moving the server from Pub57 to Pub58.

  • Wiki has been expanded from 12 pages to 40. Adding more constantly.
  • Shard is now running the latest release offered by the ServUO community. This now means there is more UO store content which can be purchased with Sovereigns, server side stability, and possibly even more unknown content floating around .
  • idoc Detector located inside luna bank the house will change colors indicating if a house is in danger of collapsing.
  • Be sure to visit the Luna's stables should you ever find yourself with a dead pet (and no skill to resurrect it)
  • I added a line item to the Credits screen as its related to the masterlootbag. You can now see at a glance your bag and bank balance.
!!New Area Added!! New Haven Training Area
  • This area will have new additions as time goes on and is located behind new haven bank in the cavern cave.
  • The Lockpick training boxes are being moved there, located in the back of the cave is training elementals for players and pets along with weapons to train up skills.
  • Be sure to run our custom patcher before visiting this new area.
New Items
  • Master Loot Bag: Newly added item. Each adventure will get one upon logging in. (Replacing the loot bag & Replacing the Gold Ledger)
  • Trash Keg (replaced the trash bag)
  • Pet Brushes purchasable from any animal trainer, can be used to afk gain animal taming in the safety of town.
  • Strange Weightless Dirt our version of the kudos gain 1 per hour your logged in.
  • Ripped Pages - monsters have been located carrying strange pieces of parchment.
  • Book Of Mythical Recipes have been introduced.
  • Pristine Dragon Scales Red/Gold/Black/White/Green/Blue
  • Hauberks have been introduced.
  • Gragish Hauberks have been introduced.
  • Dragon scale boots and cloaks have been introduced.
  • Lesser,Normal,Greater,Supreme and Legendary Magical Oils have been added.
  • Padding has been added.
  • Magical Threads have been added.
  • New Obtainable items
  • Balron Liver
  • Bottled Imp Sweat
  • Elemental Soul
  • Essence of Dragon Flame
  • Eye of Ancient Wyrm
  • Peerless Essence
  • Solen Queen Gland
  • Vial of Champion Blood
  • Vial of Dread Spider Venom
  • Vial of Quicksilver
New Npcs
  • Morella the Black Witch located in felucca only has been introduced.
New Craft System
  • Mythical Crafting, can craft the tool from inscriptions to begin crafting.
  • New tool bench located at luna forge
New Commands added
  • [rules
  • [Bondinfo
Bug Fixes
  • [Powerhour fixed (previously Powerhour was not working as expected, it is now)
  • Lock Pick Trainer now allows skill gain up to 100.
  • House decay was not engaging previously
Hot off the press, Ver 2.0 Custom UOSE Client Patcher, packed with even more logic

Wiki guide - Youtube tutorial
Client bundle location - Google Drive
Feature releases: logic now includes files required for new custom art work such as the login screen, deco, housing foundation, music, map, and menus.

As if this was not enough regarding new features, this version also includes logic checks for any running UO clients in the background. To prevent updating conflicts, we recommend having UO clients closed first. + There is logic that checks for new releases of the client patcher and if one is found, this system will auto retrieve/install it. ‍♂️
Lots of new balances, systems, areas, and events to explore. Come check out the latest Uber Doom Boss setup we just released out to production.

Day 1 introduction to the Uber Doom Boss was video recorded by yours truly =)
Always lots going on around the shard. Recently we deployed a new seasonal area to play in.

In an unexpected twist of fate and to celebrate Sapphire's birthday, we've decided to share the magic of our custom Fall grounds! ✨

For the next 7 days, the mystical portal awaits in Umbra. Venture forth into this limited-time haven, where autumnal wonders and surprises await. Don't miss your chance to experience the charm—time is fleeting, just like the vibrant leaves in the wind. ️