Hi Guys, i am JEEG84 the Owner of "UODeader" Shard and i am here to entice some People to Join in My Little Shard !

UODeader is a free shard with new Expansion "Stygian Abyss" running on RunUO 2.2, and i am searching Player for Playing together every Day.

UODeader Shard Features :

- New Race Gargoyles with his new features
- New Item for Gargoyles Player and Human or Elves
- New Stygian Abyss Artifact
- 5 New Bosses (Stygian Dragon, Medusa, Slasher of Veils, Navrey Night Eyes and Niporailem)
- 2 New Champions (Abyssal Infernal and Primeval Lich)
- 3 New Skills (Throwing, Mysticism and Imbuing)
- 1 New Map TerMur
- 2 New City (Royal City and Holy City)
- New Dungeon (UnderWorld and Tomb of Kings)
- New Stygian Abyss Quests
- New Stygian Abyss Monster
- New Stygian Abyss Reagents and Loot
- New Stygian Abyss Vendors with new Item

For all new Player there are various Present and 2 New Stone located in New Haven with 1 Base Armor for 1° Pg of Account (Warrior Mage or Tamer)

In my shard there is a "Training Room" for new Character, in this zone Player can training various Skills (Animal Taming, All combat Skills, Stats of PG and all Skills related to Combat Skill)

My shard is little But the Owner and Admin are very patient with Player and help this in game)

If you want try a new shard Plz Join in my Shard

UODeader IP : "" port "2593"

Thanks to All Community ! Bye Bye...
Nice job. One suggestion though, and I'm not being rude or disruptive.. but constantly logging onto other people's shards advertising and trying to get people to leave for your shard does not work very often. My staff and myself have had to ban MANY accounts advertising your shard.

Good luck.
Sorry for this inconvenience but, some of my player was Spammer becouse want my shard become a great Shard with a lot of Player. Sorry
First of all, you had no players when I logged on to your shard. You registered several times under the JEEG name or a variation of it. I can go into further details, but I'll save that response.
Would it be possible to stop spamming other shards ? We have also banned several JEEG accounts ... *sighs*
I have to agree spamming other server's will generally "not" get the response your looking for. There are sooo many free server's out there today and it can take a good year or longer to even obtain a server base of players. Even at this rate players tend to move on, they become bored.
Instead of the spamming, server's could work together. Lets say a player logs on and states, omg all skills are not auto? Or they start complaining about "what they would like to see on the server" (so many try to change a server to their "likes") Staff could say, I'm sorry we don't feel as though we would like our server to go in that direction and then "recommend another server to their likes.
I went on your shard and didn't have the hue file to see the colors you need to make it available for people and no one spoke English and I couldn't understand the town criers or people talking in other language, so no one responded when I said Hello to everyone and I couldn't add things to my bank box said was already to full....Shard had 16 players and was unique but a bit hard to play.....would like to try with my friends again if could have some awareness of others on it....