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UODreams Ultima Online Shard Since 2003

Discussion in 'Shards Looking For Players' started by tauron, Dec 1, 2017.

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    Oct 2, 2016
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    Ultima Online Free Shard Since 2003


    Address: login.uodreams.com
    Port: 2593

    UODreams is one of the first historical OSI Style Shard that was born in Italy, one of the
    best European shard of the 2003-2007 age's. The shard has always been up over the years and
    it has never been reset.
    It still has a good PVM experience and PVP dynamics with stable events created by the staff,
    monthly quest events and continuous development on expansion deployments.

    It offers many benefits to new accounts including the Quick Start System, a system that
    allows you to set up to 480 skill points and 90 stat point on all characther which added
    to the skill and stat point in the advanced player character creation reach 600 skill point
    and 180 stat point.
    New characters will also receive a bonded horse and a robe call "UODreams Quick Start Robe"
    lasting 30 days with the following features:

    Defense Chance Increase 10%
    Hit Chance Increase 10%
    Lower Reagent Cost 80%
    Physical Resist 50%
    Fire Resist 50%
    Cold Resist 50%
    Poison Resist 50%
    Energy Resist 50%

    Furthermore through our Young City Quest System, you can quickly upgrade skill (up to 100)
    and stat (up to cap) through quests that facilitate character growth.​

    RECORD: 933 Player on 22/03/2005
    UODreams does not allow the use of multiple accounts
    our statistics are based on the calculation of mono accounts


    Dangerous Adventures is a long and difficult group quest that allows you to complete 7
    quest books, where objects, kill monsters and bosses are required.
    After completing the last book you will receive the key for a special boss who drops
    unique items of OSI events, and also via the original Champion Spawns you will be able
    to get a item with which, once the quest is over, you will have another access to the
    final boss and get one of these special rewards:

    Brutal Carnage Reward:

    Conjurer's Trinket
    Conjurer's Garb
    A Ghostly Shroud Of Spookiness
    Cloak Of Light
    Etoile Bleue
    Novo Bleue
    Exceptional Robe Crafted By Relvinian
    Conjurer's Grimoire
    Shadow Cloak Of Rejuvenation
    Cloak Of Humility
    Brutal Carnage Statuette


    The Shard bases a good amount of his game mainly on the dynamics of the Champion Spawn and the
    systems that revolve around it, such as the Champion Master, an event that allows the guild
    to get more points by delivering the champion skull to a special collector system to participate
    in a special dungeon with a party and through it to activate the defenses for aspecial champion
    that can be raided with drops of unique and rare OSI event items such as:

    From the Dungeon:

    Shroud Of Tal'Keesh
    Melissa's Cloak
    Bog Creature's Skin
    Defiler Of Virtue

    From the Champion Spawn:

    Bracers Of Alchemical Devastation (human or gargish original version)
    Scroll Of Valiant Commendation
    Boots Of Escaping (human or gargish version)


    Capture the Flag for the Factions with Rewards (Punkte, Quest Point, Restok Bag etc ...)
    achievable by Faction Ships every 30 hours, every kill of an Faction enemy within the
    Bucca Island lowers 10 hours time of a Reward.


    Lottery with the chance to win items wiped as artifacts, rare quest item,
    ethereal mounts and crafted items, each ticket costs 15,000 gold coin.


    Buyable by npc Banker in addition to the usual Vendor Contract, you will find
    the new "Montly Contract Of Employment" and Montly "Vendor Rendal Contract"
    at the cost of 30,000 Gold, that once placed will only require the pay
    of 30,000 Gold monthly, without daily fees.


    Full ML

    All Peerless
    Lost Land with four random daily Champion
    Full ML and Heartwood Quests
    Doom with Point System Drop

    Stygian Abyss Expansion (on development)

    Accurate Gargoyle Race dynamics, Throwing with Close Quarters Combat,
    Underthrown, Perfect, Overthrown and all the various dynamics of the race.




    -Stygian Dragon
    -Slasher Of Veils
    -Navrey Night Eyes
    -Tyball's Shadow


    -Stygian Dragon Lair Entrance
    -Crimson Veins
    -Abyssal Lair Entrance
    -The Cavern of the Discarded - Clan Chitter
    -The Cavern of the Discarded - Clan Scratch
    -The Cavern of the Discarded - Clan Ribbon
    -Skeletal Dragon
    -Enslaved Goblins
    -Lava Caldera
    -Fire Temple Ruins
    -The Secret Garden
    -The Lands of the Lich
    -Passage of Tears


    -All Gargish Weapons and wearable Armor
    -All Decorative Item and Gothic Theme Pack
    -Incubator, Chicken Coop and accurate Battle Chicken Lizard Breeding System


    -The Tomb of Kings Path
    -The Underworld path
    -Neville Brightwhistle
    -Elder Dugan the Prospector
    -Farmer Nash
    -Sutek The Mage
    -Gretchen The Alchemyst


    -Experimental Room
    -Maze Of Death
    -Fountain Of Fortune


    All Stygian Abyss tameables and Dread War Horse


    Artifact Conversion


    -Rune Beetle Carapace
    -Heart Of The Lion
    -Crimson Cincture
    -Fey Leggings
    -Folded Steel Reading Glasses
    -Mace and Shield Reading Glasses
    -Wizard's Crystal Reading Glasses
    -Order Shield - Museum of Vesper Replica

    and much more under construction...

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  2. tauron

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    Oct 2, 2016
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    FIX 16-12-2017


    Added the possibility to alter the following items:

    - "Quiver Of Infinity"
    - "Shadow Cloak Of Rejuvenation"


    - The Altar of the "Stygian Dragon" and the method of access to the Perless Boss have changed, from now on you will have to doubleclick the Brazier and then targetting the Draconic Orbs.
    - From now on you can craft the "Gorgon Lens" and use them on your armor pieces to defend yourself from Medusa's "Special Ability"
    - Introduced the "Serpent Nest" and "Snake Charmer Flute" to collect the keys to enter the new Perless Boss

    "Medusa" will be active after the presentation quest. (more news shortly)


    - From now on crafting the "Scrapper's Compendium" you can get up to 3 additional properties.
    - From now on it will be possible to convert the "Logs" into "Boards" directly with the accept (% of success based on the skill level).
    - Added to the "Alchemy" crafting menu the "Scourin Toxin": this item allows to bring back to the original color artefacts or pigmented armor.


    Fixed the bug that in some rare cases left the player frozen.


    Added the following quests:

    - Sutek the Mage
    - Gretchen The Alchemist's: with the quest in question, the "Exploding Tar Potion" has been implemented. This item allows you to send the target in "Sleep" status with duration and immunity based on the skill level "Alchemy" (attacker) and "Resisting Spell" (target)


    - From now on, the cooldown (5 minutes) of "Spell Trigger" will start after the "Spell Stone" has been used: this means that it will no longer be possible to use two "Spell Stones" created with the spell "Spell" Trigger "without waiting for the 5 minute countdown. Also now you can change the spell into the "Spell Stone" after casting it, without waiting for cooldown.
    - From now on, for all the spells of Mysticism with the exception of "Enchant", the property "Spell Channeling" will be necessary to handle weapons and shield.
    - Removed the penalty on the cast time of "Spellweaving": the natural Cap of "Spellweaving" (FC 4 / FCR 6) was in fact lowered to FC 2 / FCR 6 if you had 70 or more points in "Magery" or in " mysticism "; this penalty, which on UODreams also afflicted Spellweaving, from now on will be active only for the Chivalry skill.


    - Added and / or correct the Buff Icon of numerous spell.
    - "Lucky Coin" from now on will be stackable.
    - Now the "Lavariere" artifact is also suitable for Gargoyle Race.
    - Revised and corrected droppable artifacts to Champ Spawns, MiniChamp and Boss by aligning them to OSI (only Stygian Abyss Artifact)
    - Implemented the "Exploding Tar Potion".
    - Fixed the "Clockwork Assembly" and everything necessary to craft "Vollem", "Spider" and "Wolf"
    - Retroactively corrected some ItemID and Hue of different items.
    - Fixed the ItemID of the BlankScrolls that can be purchased by the NPCs Mage, Holy Mage and Scribe.
    - Now the "Renowned Boss" do not spawn more gold pieces on the ground at their death, but directly in the loot.
    - Fixed the calculation of the Luck while the "Fountain Of Fortune" bonus is active.
    - "Magic Key": from now on it will be possible to take only one every 24 hours.
    - From now on it will be possible to extract from the "Silver Serpents" the poison through the "Empty Venom Vial".
    - Inserted in the "Toxic Slith" loot the "Toxic Venom Sac".
    - "Silver Serpent Venom" inserted in the "Silver Serpent" loot.
    - Created and added to the drop of "Acid Elemental [Renowned]" the costumes: once the mask is dressed, with a simple double click you will wear the costume and you can become for example a Cyclops.
    - "Iron Beetle": now, if the pet owner has read the book to undermine the Granites, the pet will also undermine the Granites.


    - Magazine skills and stat of the "Chicken Lizard" (both "normal" and "Battle") and correct the egg's breeding system through the "Incubator"


    - From now on the "Slasher Of Veils" will be weaker within its zone.
    - Added the "Special Ability True Fear" that paralyzes a player that comes close to the boss (duration: about 7 seconds)
    - Lowered the damage inflicted by stones thrown by the "Slasher Of Veils"
    - From now on the two "Special Abilities" of the "Slasher Of Veils" and the "Stygian Dragon" that cause "dismount" will hit only targets mounted or flying.
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    Oct 2, 2016
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    Dear fellows, I hope you remember me, I'm Rudolph, one of Santa Claus'
    reindeers and I need your help. Something absurd happened to the Village...
    A few weeks ago, out of the blue, Santa began destroying everything,
    mistreating his friends, his assistants. Then, without notice nor explanation,
    he fled on his sleigh with the other reindeers.
    I tried to stop him, to speak and talk some sense into him, but it was all in vain
    and now I'm trapped inside a glacier. I'm too weak to fly,
    I can move and I see no escape!

    I keep fretting for an explanation, to know what evil could have happened
    that made him act like a madman.
    Anguish is taking over me, I feel the desperation in the other Reindeers,
    I feel like they're forced to act devilishly or perhaps, and that's what I fear the most,
    they're becoming evil for real!
    I think back on the earlier days in the Village, when we were happy and joyfully preparing
    for the Holiest of nights.
    I remember all the past Chrismases... and... maybe... there's only one fact different,
    a most unusual one, I recall nothing alike happening in the past...

    That cake... that huge cake...

    It was brought right before Santa went crazy. I didn't pay much attention, but now
    that I think about it, I recall I suddenly felt something odd.
    Everybody knows how greedy Claus is, anybody could have sent it from any place in the universe.
    Perhaps that cake contained more than just whipped cream and chocolate. A poison or drug, or a potion...
    It was vexed?! Was he the only one who ate it? Now that I think better... the cake was so big it could be
    a shelter for a cunning creature to step into the village...

    Many are the questions that torture me and many they answers I cannot seem to find.

    I beg of you, help me!!!


    This letter couldn't pass us by
    We warned every creature of Sosaria, several rumours began to spread,
    some without any basis... others difficult to verify.

    We must take in account every possibility!

    Let's meet in Luna, from the Winter Solstice at 9:30pm

    We'll set out on the most unusual Christmas Quest!

    We'll be waiting for you...


    Not long ago
    we walked for the first time
    the land of the Underworld

    Our researchers are
    still engaged
    with the study of new ones
    areas and they have succeeded
    to finish their work

    You are all invited to go to the
    Royal Palace of Royal City

    On 28 December
    from 9:30 pm to 2:00 am on the 29th

    for a new and very important

    What would we have access to with recent discoveries?


    -Skeletal Dragon
    -Enslaved Goblins
    -Lava Caldera
    -Fire Temple Ruins
    -The Secret Garden
    -The Lands of the Lich
    -Passage of Tears

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    Oct 2, 2016
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    [Event] Tokuno 2018


    From Friday, January 5 at 6 pm,
    to Sunday 7 until midnight
    returns the Tokuno Event !!!

    Don't miss your chance to have fun and
    get lots of minor and major artifacts!!!

    You'll be able to drop only
    in the Champion area and inside the dungeons of Tokuno:
    Fan Dancer's Dojo, Yomotsu Mines and The Citadel.

    For new, remember that every 10 minor artifacts
    you may choose a major artifact from
    the NPC "Minister of Trade"!!!


    Next to the Minister of Trade, there will be other npc.
    By delivering 5 minor artifacts to them,
    obtained inThis Edition of the Tokuno Event,
    we will get 1 "First Tokuno Pigment Token"
    from which we can choose a 5-use pigment!

    Are you still here? No time to lose!!!

    Good luck!

    [Event] 3 Vs 3 Death Tournament


    Wednesday, January 10th

    3 vs 3 Death Tournament

    Come forward...

    You're all invited to participate to the tournament
    that will take place in Arena
    at 9:30 pm

    For the tournament sign-up and regulation post here​

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    Oct 2, 2016
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    [Event] ♥ Valentine Run ♥


    You are all invited to the Valentine's Day race!

    The race will take place on the territory of Ter Mur,

    a route from the Treefellow Course area
    wich will touch all areas up to Lava Lake and then continue
    to the Abyss (via Tomb of Kings),
    then go back to the verdant City Residential, Royal Park,
    Chiken Chese with the arrival in Royal City.

    The only recommendation, have access to The Abyss.
    The route will be monitored by NPC, which you must click to continue.

    The Event will start from the usual meeting area at Luna,

    Monday, February 12th at 9:30 pm

    Maximum punctuality is recommended!


    In this event the first player who will finish the Quest,
    will be able to choose his prize from one of 5
    Surprise packages!!

    Those who can not be present in the evening, will be able to do the event,
    until Tuesday 13 February at 11.59pm.

    Enjoy awww.uodreams.it_pics_logo145x45.gif
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    FIX 23-02-2018


    Implementation of the new Champ with the related mechanics.

    - During the progression of the Champion Spawn static decorative items will appear and as the champ advances there will be the possibility that one of these items will be duplicated and collected. These items can be found in the same location as the static ones but they are very difficult to distinguish being a copy of the statics that once the boss is out they will disappear unlike their copies.


    - System of levers, Resolving the system of the levers that is unlocked with the activation of the champ you can receive some special rewards.


    A list of the various prizes of the Levers System:

    1. Random 1.0 Scroll of Transcendence
    2. Red o Black Bone Container
    3. Gruesome Standard
    4. Totem
    5. Bag of gems
    6. Complete Pillory or Executioner Platform Deed
    7. A random piece of decorations that spawn in the area of the champ


    - Restless Bones, during the progression of the Champion you can find skeletons near the altar that you can collect and insert in their own tombs. If you find the grave related to the bones you can receive protection or a Soul Gem.


    - Prisoner, at some point will appear and double-clicking it will help or attack you.


    - Implemented all the Artifacts of this Champion:

    SA Artifact and Champion Artifact:
    • Banshee's Call
    • Cast-Off Zombie Skin
    • Channeler's Defender
    • Protector of the Battle Mage
    • Token of Holy Favor
    • Light's Rampart [Replica]
    • The Most Knowledge Person [Replica]
    • Lieutenant of The Britannian Royal Guard [Replica]

    • Mummified Corpse


    From now you can download and use the new updated client (version at the following link:


    You have to copy it and paste it in your browser.

    We remind you that you can use the new or old client until March 31, 2018, after this date you will be able to log in only with the last client.


    - From now you can find maps of all facets
    - From now the coordinates will be completely random, the old maps remain unchanged.
    - From now on the maps will respect the facet of the drop. That is, if you are in Malas, the map will have a random coordinate on Malas.


    - From now you can also find the maps of level 7.
    - From now on every map level and every facet will have very specific monsters.
    • Trammel - Felucca Guardians
    • Level 1 Plainly

      Headless One, Mongbat, Ratman, Skeleton, Zombie
    • Level 2 Expertly

      Earth Elemental, Gazer, Gargoyle, Hell Hound, Orc Mage
    • Level 3 Adeptly

      Air Elemental, Dread Spider, Fire Elemental, Lich, Ogre Lord
    • Level 4 Cleverly

      Elder Gazer, Daemon, Dread Spider, Lich Lord, Ogre Lord
    • Level 5 Deviously

      Blood Elemental, Elder Gazer, Daemon, Lich Lord, Poison Elemental
    • Level 6 Ingeniously

      Ancient Wyrm, Balron, Blood Elemental, Cold Drake, Greater Dragon, Poison Elemental, Titan
    • Level 7 Diabolically

      Blood Elemental, Cold Drake, Frost Dragon, Greater Dragon, Poison Elemental


    • Ilshenar Guardians
    • Level 1 Plainly

      Headless One, Mongbat, Ratman, Skeleton, Zombie
    • Level 2 Expertly

      Earth Elemental, Gazer, Gargoyle, Hell Hound, Orc Mage
    • Level 3 Adeptly

      Air Elemental, Dread Spider, Fire Elemental, Lich, Ogre Lord
    • Level 4 Cleverly

      Elder Gazer, Daemon, Dread Spider, Lich Lord, Ogre Lord
    • Level 5 Deviously

      Dark Guardian, Exodus Overseer, Gargoyle Destroyer, Gargoyle Enforcer, Poison Elemental
    • Level 6 Ingeniously

      Changeling, Exodus Minion, Gargoyle Destroyer, Gargoyle Enforcer, Titan
    • Level 7 Diabolically

      Renegade Changeling, Exodus Minion, Gargoyle Destroyer, Gargoyle Enforcer, Titan


    • Malas Guardians
    • Level 1 Plainly

      Headless One, Mongbat, Ratman, Skeleton, Zombie
    • Level 2 Expertly

      Earth Elemental, Gazer, Gargoyle, Hell Hound, Orc Mage
    • Level 3 Adeptly

      Air Elemental, Dread Spider, Fire Elemental, Lich, Ogre Lord
    • Level 4 Cleverly

      Elder Gazer, Daemon, Dread Spider, Lich Lord, Ogre Lord
    • Level 5 Deviously

      Lich Lord, Ravager, Wanderer of the Void, Minotaur
    • Level 6 Ingeniously

      Devourer of Souls, Minotaur Scout, Minotaur Captain, Rotting Corpse, Wanderer of the Void
    • Level 7 Diabolically

      Devourer of Souls, Minotaur General, Minotaur Captain, Rotting Corpse, Wanderer of the Void


    • Tokuno Guardians
    • Level 1 Plainly

      Headless One, Mongbat, Ratman, Skeleton, Zombie
    • Level 2 Expertly

      Earth Elemental, Gazer, Gargoyle, Hell Hound, Orc Mage
    • Level 3 Adeptly

      Air Elemental, Dread Spider, Fire Elemental, Lich, Ogre Lord
    • Level 4 Cleverly

      Elder Gazer, Daemon, Dread Spider, Lich Lord, Ogre Lord
    • Level 5 Deviously

      Fan Dancer, Revenant Lion, Ronin, Rune Beetle
    • Level 6 Ingeniously

      Hiryu, Lady of the Snow, Oni, Rune Beetle, Yomotsu Warrior, Yomotsu Priest
    • Level 7 Diabolically

      Yamandon, Hiryu, Lady of the Snow, Rune Beetle, Yomotsu Priest


    • Ter Mur Guardians
    • Level 1 Plainly

      Clockwork Scorpion, Corrosive Slime, Greater Mongbat
    • Level 2 Expertly

      Acid Slug, Slith, Water Elemental
    • Level 3 Adeptly

      Leather Wolf, Stone Slith, Toxic Slith
    • Level 4 Cleverly

      Bloodworm, Kepetch, Stone Slith, Toxic Slith
    • Level 5 Deviously

      Fire Ant, Lava Elemental, Maddening Horror
    • Level 6 Ingeniously

      Enraged Earth Elemental, Fire Daemon, Greater Poison Elemental, Lava Elemental
    • Level 7 Diabolically

      Enraged Colossus, Enraged Earth Elemental, Fire Daemon, Greater Poison Elemental, Lava Elemental


    - Implemented the new properties of Treasure Map Artifact: Mana Phase, Surge Hp Regeneration, Surge Mana Regeneration, Surge Stamina Regeneration, Weapon Damage Ward and Spell Damage Ward.
    - Implemented 18 varieties of the Mana Phasing Orb, 60 of the Surge Shield and the two Human and Gargoyle versions of the Runed Sash Of Warding.
    - Implement the Scroll of Alacrity that allow a gain increased in skill by macrandola for 15 minutes.
    - From now on level 5 to level 7 you will find one of the following items in the chest: Forged Pardon, Mana Phasing Orb, Surge Shield, Runed Sash Of Warding.
    - From now on in level 7 you will find in the chest one of the following Coffin Piece, Master Skeleton Key items.
    - Fixed the request of the Lockpiking skill depending on the level.
    - Fixed the number of items you can find inside the chest
    - From now on if you find yourself in the TerMur facet you will find Gargoyle items, if you are in the Tokuno facet you will find items tokunesi.
    - Fixed the number of reagents and gems that you can find inside the chest.
    - From now on each map level you will find one of the following items: Creeping Vine, Message in a Bottle, Tasty Treat, Traseure Map of the next level (max 7), Scroll of Transcendence, Skeleton Key, a Random Recipe, Scroll of Alacrity.


    4) QUESTS

    From now you can execute and complete the following quests:



    - From now on you can repair, create and use the related deeds of Masonry and Glassblowing craft systems to repair glass or stone objects.


    - From now on the new Staining system will be active for which you will be able to craft pigments, baskets and change the shape of the hedges through the Clippers.
    - Clipper added to the Tinkering craft menu.
    - Implemented the system to model hedges in the form of a blade or goblin.
    - Implemented the system to mix the Plant Pigments to obtain another 15 color versions.
    - Implemented all 34 Natural Dye Color Variations.

    • First row: Aqua, Magenta, White, Black, Fire, Pink, Off White, Plain, Metal, Ice Black
    • Second row: Ice Blue, Bright Blue, Blue, Dark Blue, Ice Purple, Bright Purple, Purple, Dark Purple
    • Third row: Ice Red, Bright Red, Red, Dark Red, Ice Green, Bright Green, Green, Dark Green
    • Fourth Row: Ice Yellow, Bright Yellow, Yellow, Dark Yellow, Ice Orange, Bright Orange, Orange, Dark Orange


    - Implemented Basket Weaving with all 11 types of craftable basketball.


    - From now on to Royal City on Ter-Mur you can find and purchase the Weaving Basket book from Tinker.


    - From now on the system of Loyality Points of Termur will arrive
    - From now on, you can mark runes, gatare and recall to the outdoor area of Ter Mur, with the exception of the dungeons.
    - Implemented Loyality System levels, less than 0 Enemy, 0-1999 Friend, 2000-9999 Citizen and 10000 Noble
    - Each existing Gargoyle character will receive 2000 basic Loyality Point
    - By creating a Gargoyle character this will receive a basic 2000 Loyality Point
    - By changing race in Gargoyle you will receive 2000 Loyality Point
    - Changing the breed from Gargoyle to another will remove the 2000 base Loyality Point
    - By killing certain mobs on Ter Mur it will be possible to accumulate Loyality Point
    - At Noble level you can place houses on Ter Mur territory

    8) OTHER FIX

    - From now on you can repair the Melissas Cloak using the Tailoring skill
    - Increased% drop of Medusa Blood
    - From now on the 2 special areas of the Stygian Dragon only correctly hit players in flight or on a mount.
    - From now on, the pet can successfully attack the Medusa summons
    - From now on the Medusa Summon will no longer be dispellable.
    - From now on the Undead Gargoyle coming out of Medusa's dungeon as a guardian will be able to drop Undamaged Undead Gargoyle Horn and Undead Gargoyle Medallion.
    - Now all the pools have returned to their original weight (1 stone)
    - Returns Deedable the following items: Deamon Bone, Fertile Dirt, Perfect Emerald, Dark Sapphire, Turquoise, Ecru Citrine, White Pearl, Fire Ruby, Blue Diamond, Brilliant Amber.
    - From now on the Bracers Of Alchemical Devastation from Gargoyle do not change form once worn.
    - Corrected the Bracers Of Alchemical Devastation that can go out randomly with Hit Fireball or Lighting.
    - Implement the 3 types of Tasty Treat through which you can increase the stat and the damage of your pet for a certain amount of time.
    - From now on the evasive has been restored with Anatomy and Eval Int
    - From now on to use the skills of the weapons will be enough 30 points Tactic and 90 Combat for the primary ability, 60 points Tactic and 90 Combat for the secondary ability.
    - Fixed the misprint for which the real fc fcr cap did not work properly on Spellweaving, Ninja and Bushido
    - From now on FCR's cap for Chivalry will be 6 and no more than 7.
    - From now on the FC cap will be 2 for Magery, Mysticism and Necromancy, 4 for Bushido, Chivalry (2 if you have Mysticism or Magery at 70), Ninjitsu and Spellweaving
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    Feb 24, 2018
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    [Event] The Abyss Journey - Primeval Lich


    The Lycaeum wizards council has just sent the report
    of studies on the Codex of Virtue, studying its composition, interesting novelties have been discovered

    We have come to know that the Codex of Virtue emanates a strange positive energy
    that it does not allow to the demons and evil creatures in the Stygian Abyss to cross
    the barriers of the Abyss

    In addition, the Magicians' studies have brought to light an ancient cave
    located above the undead zone in the Abyss

    Our intention is to explore this area
    trying to figure out if it actually could
    bring new knowledge on ancient mystical arts
    present in the new world.

    Scholars examining a book but
    they became aware of the presence
    of a Primordial creature that
    lives inside this cave.

    The mission as usual will not be easy!

    You are all invited to introduce yourself

    to the palace of Lord British in Britain (Trammel)

    the 05/03 at 21 PM

    * When enough energy has been stored, the passage from
    the Stygian Abyss will open and at the same time also
    the passage from Felucca to the fourth level of Deceit! *

  8. Tauron UODreams

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    Feb 24, 2018
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    [Easter Event] RAPA NUI


    A new adventure for you all,
    due to the request for aid that comes from a singular figure,
    Captain of the FLYING DUTCHORC: Captain Kegth who has
    told us how for years he chased his ancient dream,
    find the RAPA NUI Island!

    Finally, after so much searching, he managed to find
    some clues to retrieve the Map of the Island and
    calls therefore, all our help to get that Map and
    succeed with Us to reach the goal of his dream!

    The appointment is at Luna for

    Sunday, April 1 at 21:30

    We will wait for you...

    Quest Video

    [Event] Easter Collector 2018


    From Tuesday, April 3rd to 6pm
    on Sunday, April 8th at 11.59pm

    you can collect the special eggs that
    They will allow you to receive some
    unpublished prizes.

    Blood Dungeon (Ilshenar)

    At Blood Dungeon on Ilshenar you will have the option
    of dropping two types of eggs:

    a Easter 2018 Egg - Yellow (50 Points) Ice (100 Points)

    Champ Despise Barracoon (Felucca)

    At Barracoon's Champion Spawn, you can drop eggs respectively:

    a Special Easter 2018 Egg - Yellow (10 Points) Purple (30 Points)

    From April 3rd we will open gate to Luna, New Haven and
    Britain Bank (Felucca), for the old party area, where
    you will find the collector's NPCs.

    Good collection to everyone!

    Enjoy awww.uodreams.com_images_eventi_buonnyuod.gif
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    The Xorina event is an event similar to Cleaning Britannia on OSI, where only artifacts are accepted to be able to obtain various very special and unique prizes.

    The value of the artifacts that are delivered changes depending on the value of the object in question or the number of objects on the shard.

    [COUNTDOWN] Xorina Event 2018


    The Countdown for the Xorina Event has officially started.

    This edition of the event will present several innovations
    that will be revealed from time to time with a News on this thread!!!

    The Xorina Event gives you the opportunity to accumulate points
    through the delivery of artifacts
    to receive really special prizes !!!

    Let the Artifacts collection begin!!

    What are you waiting for???


    -From this edition of the Xorina Event it will be possible to see the value in points of the items that can be delivered to the collector, and moreover the collector giver will show the value in points of the prizes.

    -In the collector giver (the one where you withdraw the prizes) you can view the total points obtained based on the artifacts that you have delivered.

    -The collector system is quite simple, based on the same type of collectors that have been used in Halloween or Easter events.

    -From this event it will also be possible to deliver the Rewards of the Dangerous Adventure (except for the Brutal Carnage Statuette).

    -We inform you that, in this edition of Xorina, you can deliver,
    in addition to the usual artifacts, also:

    Artifacts of Virtues
    Artifacts of the Champion Masters
    Artifacts SA (including stealables)
    Decorative Champions, statuettes excluded.

    -Items which cannot be fortified/empowered using powder of fortifying
    are excluded, as the replica and some SA artifact.

    -The Champion Primeval Lich artifacts and decorations are not included among the deliverables.

    -The Halloween Mask droppable by Acid Elemental [Renowned] is not included among the deliverables

    - From the npc Giver, you will find the sum of the points you had in the at the end of Xorina 2013

    -Compared to the last edition the has been changed:

    Old Value Xorina Point (XP)

    Object A = 20000000 XP

    New Value Xorina Point (XP)

    Object A = 20000 XP

    As a result, the premium values will respect the same as well as the sum of the remaining points from Xorina 2013.


    1K = 1 XP
    10K = 10 XP
    100K = 100 XP
    1KK = 1000 XP
    10KK = 10000 XP
    100KK = 100000 XP

    [Event] Xorina Mission 2018


    From April 29th to 6pm
    at the 18th of May at 11.59pm

    The Xorina Event will be active

    The opening of the Nujelm Palace
    is planned for April 29th at 6 pm

    Enjoy awww.uodreams.it_pics_logo145x45.gif

    Awards List


    New decorative objects to furnish your home with style, this year you can also withdraw the special Virtue Tile and Mail Box.

    Lilly Pad
    Nest With Eggs
    Lilly Pads
    Chest Of Dawners
    Footed Chest Of Dawners
    Decorative Axe North
    Decorative Bow North
    Yucca Tree
    Fire Pit
    Table Lamp
    Chaos Tile
    Compassion Virtue Tile
    Honesty Virtue Tile
    Honor Virtue Tile
    Humility Virtue Tile
    Justice Virtue Tile
    Sacrifice Virtue Tile
    Spirituality Virtue Tile
    Valor Virtue Tile
    Dragon Head
    Ultima Banner
    Curtains Deed
    Mail Box
    Archery Butte
    Horse Barding
    Sandstone Fireplace South
    Sandstone Fireplace East
    Stone Fireplace South
    Stone Fireplace East
    Gray Brick Fireplace South
    Gray Brick Fireplace East
    Small Grandfather Clock


    Two of the most popular awards of the Event Xorina and other utilities...

    Karma Token
    Fame Token
    Virtues Deed
    Mega Repair Kit
    Hooded Shroud Of Shadows - Dye Tool


    As usual with the Xorina advent will it be possible to withdraw some really special mounts, this year there will be two new ethereal mounts that unlike other mounts will not have transparency but will be colored!

    Ethereal Reptalon
    Ethereal Skeletal Steed
    Ethereal Hiryu
    Ethereal Windrunner
    Ethereal Lasher


    Special wearable rewards from the Xorina Event 2018 in a very special color!

    Robe - [UOD Event] Xorina Mission 2018
    Cloak - [UOD Event] Xorina Mission 2018
    Skirt - [UOD Event] Xorina Mission 2018
    Body Sash - [UOD Event] Xorina Mission 2018
    Surcoat - [UOD Event] Xorina Mission 2018


    The new 5 use metallic colors pigments (PUB 73-75 OSI)

    Polished Bronze
    Glossy Blue
    Black and Green
    Deep Violet
    Aura of Amber
    Murky Seagreen
    Shadowy Blue
    Gleaming Fuschia
    Glossy Fuchsia
    Deep Blue
    Vibrant Seagreen
    Murky Amber

    *We remind you that the price of the awards will be visible by the NPC Giver, from April 29th to 6pm..
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    FIX 25-04-2018


    - Fixed Healing Stone:
    the Stone generated with the "Healing Stone" spell has been revised and will now have a correct 20-second cooldown: the time spent between one use of the gem and the next from now should correctly determine the amount of HP treated , can be double-clicked every 2 seconds and has a cure range up to 40, the less time it loses when the cooldown expires the more it will cure.
    If Healing Stone is used to cure then the 20 second countdown will start, while if it is used to remove the poison it will not trigger the countdown but if the poison cure fails it will waste most of the stone hit points.
    From now on, as soon as the Healing Stone is created, it will no longer start with the countdown, but it will immediately give 40 hp.
    Healing Stone now has a lower% on the success of the poison cure (Enhance Potion has no effect on the% of success on the care of the stone).
    The cast time of Healing Stone was brought to the osi value of 5 seconds.

    - Fixed Hit Curse:
    from now on, the Pg equipped with the "Resisting Spell" skill will have the possibility to resist in part the effects of the Hit Curse Magic Hit. In particular, the pg with a level equal to or greater than 110 points in "Resisting Spell" will have the low possibility to resist the lowering of the resistances always suffering the malus to the stat, obviously the higher level of the skill "Resisting Spell" the higher the possibility of resisting the lowering of resistances.

    - Fixed Stone Form:
    from now the characters under the effect of the "Stone Form" spell will have a cap of "Faster Casting" equal to 0 as long as the "Stone Form" spell is active.

    - Fixed Purge Magic:
    from now on the characters that are hit by the "Purge Magic" spell after losing one of the active buffs will receive an immunity from the "Purge Magic" spell of 16 seconds, if instead the pg that is hit by the spell "Purge Magic "does not have any buffs to remove will trigger an effect similar to" Mind Root "of Necromancy that will cause the waste of more mana by casting spells or using special ability for a few seconds and finally after 8 seconds will receive damage.

    - Fixed Sleep and Mass Sleep:
    from now on if one of the two spells in question is cast on a mob, this will remain frozen until it is hit or for the duration of the spell with the same duration calculation based on the Resisting Spell skill of the mob itself on the skill level in Mysticism and Focus of the caster. While in pvp it will continue to maintain the same effect it has had to date.

    - Fixed Cleansing Winds:
    From now the spell "Cleansing Winds" will be more likely to fail in the cure of the Poison.

    - Spell animations:
    Some animations of the Mysticism spells have been modified making them equal to the cast effects on OSI, among the spell in question the animations of: Purge Magic, Sleep, Mass Sleep, Nether Bolt and Cleansing Wind are modified.

    - Fixed Magic Reflect:
    Now the Inscription skill bonus is calculated.

    - Fixed Enemy Of One:
    From now it will be possible to remove the effect of the spell "Enemy Of One" before the spell natural timer expires riecast it without expense of mana and without the natural time of cast. Once interrupted the mob against which you fight will no longer be seen as an enemy and therefore will not suffer the effect of the spell, recasting again the spell will be required again mana and the usual cast time to activate it and the next type of mob with which you will in contact will be affected by the spell and will be seen as an enemy.

    - Fix Special pre-AOS:
    From now on it will no longer be possible to use the special Disarm and Stun pre-AOS.


    - From now the items with the Brittle props can not be powder.
    - The fix is retroactive for the RunedSashOfWarding (Normal or Gargish) and the ManaPhaseOrb.
    - The ManaPhaseOrb are now repairable with Tinkering


    - The anomalies to the Champion Spawns have been corrected with access from TerMur (Primeval Lich and Abyssal Inferno), to Bosses of the Underworld, to the Tomb of Kings and to other TerMur regions within which it was possible to recall, mark rune and open despite this mechanics had not been foreseen.


    - The success rates of the cure (with and without Enhance Potion) of the Cure wells for all of its levels have been calibrated to the OSI levels, aligning them with the type of poison to which it comes into contact.


    - From now on, the Mark of Travestry and the Brutal Carnage artifacts (Conjurers Garb, Conjurer Trinket, Conjurer Grimoire, Exceptional Robe Crafted By Relvivian, Shadow Cloak of Rejuvenation and Cloak of Light) will be dyedable with Natural Dye or Pigments

    6) OTHER FIX

    - Fixed the "Tasty Treat" that were not seen correctly in the Treasure Map Chest.
    - Fixed some problems with the Gargoyle Only armor artifacts that did not correctly assign certain properties.
    - Implemented the lever system to open the rooms where the mobs in the Tomb of Kings dungeon are locked up.
    - Implemented the "Vanilla Plant Seed" and corrected the "Sugar Canes Seed"
    - Fixed the "Silver Sapling Seed", from now on once the effect of the seed vanishes.
    - Now the runes marked on the Ter-Mur map will present the color of the same facet.
    - From now on Gray Goblin and Green Goblin give 8 points for the Queen Loyality.


    - The MONO framework has been updated to stable release 5.10.1
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    ★ 15th Anniversary Events ★


    Wishing everyone a wonderful 15th Anniversary,

    we remind you of our appointments in game:

    From the restart of May 22nd

    You will receive the Bag "15th Anniversary" in your backpack

    From 9:30 pm on May 23rd

    [Event] Minax Chronicles - Legacy of Kronos


    Exactly one year ago Minax released his first attack
    trying to bring down the kingdom of Lord British
    in chaos and destruction
    traveling over time and canceling for some
    days from the history of Sosaria
    the remembrance of British ...

    Fortunately our heroes
    along the way of the Virtues
    with the help of the Avatar
    They managed to settle the timeline ...

    Now the name of the wicked leader
    you hear again
    From a couple of days on Sosaria
    and more precisely in Moonglow
    a huge chasm has appeared
    from which hordes of Demons emerge ...

    Our battalions, along with those
    Elves and Gargoyle are already there
    places to prevent demons
    to roam free on Sosaria.

    Your help is also required
    for this difficult mission ..

    The appointment is scheduled
    Wednesday 23 May at 9:30pm
    in Luna

    This logo indicates that in the event there will
    be Extra Rewards.

    In this event the first player who will finish the Quest,
    will be able to choose his prize from one of 5
    Surprise packages!

    At the 9:30 pm on May 24th

    [Event] 6vs6 Death Match


    Thursday, May 24

    You are all invited to participate in the 6vs6 tournament
    which will take place on horseback
    into a special area that represents
    the city of Moonglow
    The event will start at 9:30 pm

    For question about the regulation and other you can post in this thread

    For the tournament sign-up post here!!

    Enjoy awww.uodreams.it_pics_logo145x45.gif
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    This Summer Event's Arc give the possibility to get very special reward, it's possible gain the "Summer Point" in all event's called "Summer Collection Event".

    Fight with the UODreams Game Master in the Staff Dungeon, solve the quest puzzles!!

    [Summer Collection Event] Staff Dungeon



    From Day July 24, for the next few weeks
    the Staff Dungeon will be
    open on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from
    6.00 pm to 11.59 pm (approximately...)

    For this summer edition at the end of the dungeon,

    you will find in the usual chest, QuestPoints and Summer Points,

    with them you can choose some items from the Summer Collection.

    You are all invited!

    You will find the NPC on the Bank floor of Britain Trammel

    We will open the gate at Luna and New Haven


    The dungeon is divided in areas connected by doors
    that initially you will find closed and black.

    To open doors you have to kill the bosses and one of you (only 1)
    must have their heads in the backpack, so he can pass through the door
    and once on the other side, by operating the red lever,
    he will be able to let in all the others. (The door will turn white).

    If you need to exit the dungeon you can recall or use the HELP menu.

    If you need the infirmary (res) just follow the fire unicorns.

    Maximum players per lane: 30

    The door at the entrance will open again (becoming white)
    when the players in the dungeon will kill the last boss.


    If during the way you are in difficulty,
    it is possible to ask for help from other players,
    clicking on a white cube that you will find from the 2nd to the 5th room.
    This will send a message to all players in the game
    paying a few coins.
    Those who are out at that time, can have access to the room by
    clicking on the skull at the entrance which will have the color of fire!!

    Excluding spells: mark, teleporter, gates, shadowjump and Hiding skills.

    [Summer Collection Event] Going To Hell


    PART I

    The great Wizard Golia, formerly known for his power over the elements,
    for miraculous potions, for his great knowledge of magical arts,
    helped his people for many years, during the invasions
    and treating curses or diseases...

    Then one day, during a bloody battle
    he lost a very dear person to him, Madison...

    From that moment he became convinced that his only goal
    it would have been bring his friend back to life.

    Assisted by his apprentice Hudson, he began to experiment relentlessly,
    creating a lot of chaos in the lands of Termur.

    The inhabitants of those lands began to be afraid of him and
    at the request of the council, the Queen was forced to stop the eminent magician.

    Since then Wizard Golia lives in exile in his own tower,
    shifted to another continent and deprived of its most important tools,
    he will never leave that place again!

    Nights ago, Nyroc knocking hard, came to our attention
    and left us a melancholic message.

    I have the feeling that we can help the Great Wizard, if you want to learn
    more, we'll meet again the day

    July 29 to Luna from 9:30 pm

    NB/The quest can be done from Sunday at 9:30 pm to 11:59 pm on Monday.
    At the end of the Quest you will receive in addition to the usual QuestPoints,
    a Book you'll have to store
    and some Summer Points, with the latter you can choose an item from the
    Summer Collection.

    [Summer Collection Event] Going To Hell 2° Parte



    The Great Goliath, a famous Gargoyle Wizard,
    stuck in his house for many years,
    for security reasons, he asked for help
    to reach into the Light, Gwenno.


    Following his directions we reached
    one of the Hell's area, called Limbo


    to contact Dupre and,
    thanks to him, we have known that the only way to reach
    Gwenno is: go through the hell!


    Accompanied by Dupre with his directions, we passed
    the obstacles on our way, and now Dupre,
    he lets us know that he is ready to resume his journey with us.

    The appointment is therefore in Luna, from

    Sunday, August 5 at 09:30 pm

    ***The quest can be done from Sunday at 9:30 pm to Monday 6 at the 11:59 pm***

    Enjoy awww.uodreams.it_pics_logo145x45.gif

    [Summer Collection Event] Bomberman Tournament


    The events that are part of the Summer Collection Event continue

    This tournament will take place in the Bagball Arena of the Summer Party Area,
    and it will be a direct elimination of the participants

    To participate in the event just go in Luna and signing in
    from the questchest that will be placed a few minutes before starting
    Once the registration to the chest is finalized the players will be moved
    in the Bomberman area and the event will start from there!

    The appointment is at Luna
    On Monday 3 September at 9:00 pm, and it will be possible to register
    until 9:30 pm, when the tournament begins!

    [Summer Collection Event] Going To Hell - Third and Last Part


    Summary of Part II

    We met again with Dupre to continue our journey with his guidance.


    We went back to Hell and we faced more wretched Creatures...


    Then we fulfilled a request to give new pitchforks to the demons...


    And finally, always accompanied by Dupre, we arrived at the sight of Lucifer.


    Several days have passed, and now Dupre is ready to resume our journey.

    He awaits us right where we left him...

    The appointment is scheduled for Sunday, September 23 at 9:30 PM, Luna.

    We look forward to seeing you.

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    UODreams History Report I

    UODreams it's happy to see a lot of player online in the Summer season, i have make this video compilation on Youtube with all the video make to the UOD players in the year, this video compilation contains more of 400 video to 2003 at 2018.

    Today i want to share this video of an Harrower raid, make on 2005 when UODreams run the Samurai Empire Expansion, one of my preferred era for UODreams, previously we have run all the expansion before the implementation of Mondain Legacy and the latest Stygian Abyss.

    To see the complete compilation click on the follow link:

    UODreams Video Compilation

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    FIX 10-06-2018


    - Blacksmith:

    Changed the name of the Dragon Scale Armor section in Miscellaneous.

    - Carpentry:

    Move from Forniture to Other Chicken Coop and Incubator.

    Move from Forniture to Misc. Add-Ons Gargish Couch (east) and (south), Ter-Mur Style Dresser (east) and (south).

    Created and added on Tailoring and Cooking the Dressform (side), from now on the dressform will no longer be swiveled.

    Changed the name of the Blacksmith section in Anvils and Forges.

    - Inscription:

    Edit the sections for crafting the scolls in: First - Second Circle, Third - Fourth Circle, Fifth - Sixth Circle, Seventh - Eighth Circle, Necrmancy and Mistycism.

    Mysticism Spellbook can now be crafted with magical properties, like a magery spellbook, but instead of Magery and EvalInt they will have Mysticism and Focus.

    Spellbook Necromancy can now be crafted with magical properties, like a magery spellbook, the only difference in place of Magery and EvalInt will have Necromancy and SpiritSpeak.

    - Tailoring:

    Added to Hats the craft of Orc Mask, Bear Mask, Deer Mask, Tribal Mask (small) and Tribal Mask (large) (these items do not get bonuses from craft with runic).

    Adding the Gargish Robe to Shirts and Pants.

    Added on Bone Armor the Orc Helm (this item does not get any bonus on the resistances from craft with special leather).

    - Tinkering:

    Added the Pitchfork craft to Tools.

    - Masonry:

    Move from Furniture to Misc. Add-Ons Large Gargish Bed (east) and (south) and Gargish Cot (east) and (south).

    The Stone War Sword is moved from Stone Armors to the new Stone Weapons section.

    - Instrument:

    Now the crafted musical instruments keep the color of the material that is used to craft them.

    - Snake Charmer:

    Now the Flute Snake Charmer retain the color of the material that is used to craft them.

    - Chicken Coop:

    Now the Chicken Coop maintain the color of the material that is used to craft them.

    - Incubatoor:

    The incubator maintains the color of the material and is used to craft it.

    - Alter Item:

    Added to the alterable items the Quiver: Elements, Rage, Blight, Fire, Ice, Elements and Lighting; And the Pads of the Cu Sidhe.


    - Enemy Of One:

    Changed the method of removing the buff icon.

    From now on when the player dies he loses the effect of Enemy Of One.

    Now turning off the spell does not spend titing point.

    - Concussion Blow:

    Basic adds 10 direct damage.

    Using a Melee hand weapon, the enemy's mana will climb 80% and after 6 seconds it will return 70%.

    Using a Melee two-handed weapon, the enemy's mana will scale by 80% and 40% will return after 6 seconds.

    Using a ranged weapon, the enemy's mana will scale by 50% and 40% will return after 6 seconds.

    The target that is under the effect of the drain mana will not be subject to it if you spam the special for a few seconds

    - Comassion, Veterinary, Animal Lore:

    If you resurrect a pet with a determinate level of Compassion or Veterinary and Animal Lore, this will receive some hit points at the time of the ress.

    Up to 20% of HP pet max hits with 120 Veterinary and 120 Animal Lore:

    - Seeker of Compassion: 5%
    - Follower of Compassion: 10%
    - Knight of Compassion: 20%

    The highest level of HP that is given to the pet using both dynamics is 200 HP.

    - Jack of alla Trades and discount mana special: (SUSPENDED)

    From now on the calculation of the mana relative to the use of a special will not be calculated the basic points of the human given by the Jack of All Trades.
    Added the skill Throwing to the list of skills that guarantee points on the mana discount.
    The calculation of the bonus on the mana discount will be given among the skills: Swordsmanship, Mace Fighting, Fencing, Archery, Parrying, Lumberjacking, Stealth, Poisoning, Bushido, Ninjitsu and Throwing.
    With a sum ranging from 200 to 299 points between these skills you will have a discount of 5 mana, with 300 or more points instead the discount will be 10 mana points.

    - Spell Mysticism:

    Nether Cyclon Correct graphics and OSI style function.

    Hail Storm Correct graphics and OSI style function.

    Spell Trigger, aligned with osi the gump of the spell. Fixed a bug that allowed the spell trigger not present in the menu.

    RisingColossus, aligned to osi with AI Mystic, aligned to osi skill, stat and hits (skill and stat increase according to the level of mysticism and focus / imbuing of the caster, the skills reach a maximum of 120), added the special ability Armor Ignore and Crushing Blow and also now you can precast like all the other evocations es. vortex

    Cleansing Wind, corrected the distribution of the effect remove curse when it widens to area, from now more pg will be hit from the effect to area of the spell more it will be difficult to remove the effect of the curses, in the case of cast on the single target (without you amplify) the malefic effect will be removed 100%.

    - Magic Slayer Bonus:

    From now if you holding a book with a slayer (whether it's necromancy, magery or mysticism) the bonus slayer works for both Magery and Mysticism spells.

    - Incognito:

    Now casting Incognito with a Gargoyle there will be no problems related to the graphics.

    Now if the Gargoyle is under the effect of the Incognito spell it will be able to use the Flyng ability to fly or get off the fly.

    - Hit Curse:

    Reduced the% of resistance to the complete curse effect with 120 Resisting Spells.

    - Teleport spell:

    Recalibrated the cast time of the spell teleport to the original value with faster casting 2 and faster casting recovery 6

    - Berserk:

    When activating the Berserk passive skill of the Gargoyle there will be the same visual and sound effect as Divine Fury

    - Animate Dead:

    From now when the spell is used on a corpse, it remains the same color, but becomes a pile of bones


    - Beehive:

    From now, once the item is placed at home and made "secure" it will change itemid and generate 1 Honeypots (honey jar) every day, up to a maximum of 10 jars. To collect them just double click on the beehive.

    - Priveval Lich Puzzle:

    From now on the range to operate the levers is reduced to 1 maximum tile.

    - Crown of Tal'Kessh (Replica):

    From now on it's the exact copy of the Hat Of The Mage. Retroactive Fix.

    - The Most Knowledge Person (Replica):

    From now the bonus Hits is random from 3 to 5.

    - Vanilla Plant & Vanilla Seed:

    From now they correctly give resources and seeds. The name of the seed type is also correct.

    - Arcane Item:

    From now on the arcane items will not change color, using an arcane gem for the first time, nor when it runs out of charges.

    - Plant Clippings:

    Correct the exact reading of the name and color during the stack.

    - Curtains Items:

    From now it is possible to color them with the normal Dyetub.

    - Wands:

    From now on they are all dressable by Gargoyle. Retroactive Fix.

    - Stable:

    From now everyone will be able to enter up to 2 pets in addition to the current slots.

    - Treasure Map:

    From now on, when lockpicking attempts fails, there is a chance that the Grubber will come out. A new very fast mob with a random item belonging to the cash box inside.

    - Pof:

    Once doubled click they keep the viewfinder remains open until the uses are exhausted.

    - Quiver:

    Fixed the elemental damages of the quiver that do not work, that is the damage Chaos and the Direct (ex: Quiver of Rage)

    - Durability:

    From now (retroactive fix) the durability of all weapons appears in the gump props (es: 70% durability).

    - Player Dead:

    Now at death the player loses all the malus and bonuses spell effect.

    - MONO Framework:

    The MONO framework updated to the stable release 5.14

    FIX 11-10-2018

    - Death Strike restored

    - Enemy Of One, adjust the timers

    - Plant Clipping arranged the Pre fix where they had the color but not the correct name. (retroactive fix)
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    This year too delivering the Special Halloween Pumpkin, you can
    choose some items from the collector NPC that you will find at the Halloween Party Area.

    October 28th at 6pm

    Opening Area Party

    Halloween Champ - Deceit Felucca

    The well-known Halloween champ from which you will drop
    two types of pumpkins, 10 points and 30 points.

    Halloween Mini Champ at the Umbra Forest

    Champ to Malas during game hours ranging from midnight
    to 8 o'clock, to drop the pumpkins for 10 points and 30 points.

    In the Field of the Great Pumpkin

    In the darkest hours of the game, from midnight
    to 5 (game time), at the cemeteries of Vesper (Trammel and Felucca), it will appear...
    the Great Pumpkin and with him slowly, will appear
    different types of pumpkin.

    By clicking on the Pumpkins you can receive:

    Carvable Pumpkin

    to be carved with Jack O'Lantern Carving Kit
    that you can receive with 2000 points from the collector.

    A Special Pumpkin - UODreams 2018

    moving them in the backpack, they will be renamed with your name.

    Halloween Pumpkin

    Black and very rare, moved into the backpack it will be renamed with your name.

    A Special Halloween Pumpkin

    of the same shape as those of the champ, has green color and is worth 50 points.

    Be careful... not all pumpkins are kind!

    [Event] The Halloween Spectrum


    As you all know
    at this lapse of the year
    strange events happen on the lands of Sosaria

    This year many citizens
    said they saw a strange spectrum
    which manifests itself continuously in different places

    They surnamed him
    The Halloween Spectrum
    since it manifests itself in this
    particular period of the year

    Nothing is impossible
    are we sure it's not real?
    A strange request has been made to us
    notified by the Castle of Britain

    We will have more details regarding the mission

    Tuesday, October 30th
    at 9:30 pm in Luna!

    We wish everyone a Terrifying Halloween

    Enjoy awww.uodreams.it_pics_logo145x45.gif

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    Tauron UODreams New Member

    Feb 24, 2018
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    From today UODreams also arrives on Instagram, every day you will find new photos related to the history of UODreams .... follow us :)


    #uodreams #joinuodreams #followus

    #16 Tauron UODreams, Nov 23, 2018
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  17. Tauron UODreams

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    Feb 24, 2018
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    [Event] House Contest 2018


    The House Contest is returning!

    If you like to decorate, furnish, create new architectural styles
    for Your home, this is Your moment!

    The things we will evaluate, will concern the uniqueness of the style
    of Your home, the Harmony of the Furniture and Decorations.

    Clearly copied houses will not be accepted.

    Everyone can join, even the winners of the last editions!

    For subscriptions use THIS

    BEST Interior Designer Classic Houses Award - 2018

    A special prize for "Best Decorator", will be given to those with taste,
    fantasy, harmony, will have furnished one's own default home.

    The following types of houses will be accepted for the competition:
    Two-Story Villa, Brick House, Large House with Patio,
    Marble House with Patio, Two-Story Stone and Plaster House,
    Two-Story Wood and Plaster House, Tower, Small Stone Keep, Castle.

    For subscriptions use THIS

    A first evaluation will be done by the staff on the forum,

    The finalist houses will then be evaluated in game

    exclusively by the Staff.

    Sunday December 30, from 21:30
    We'll meet back in game to visit the finalist houses.
    Then we will proceed with the awards...

    You're all invited!!!

    For comments or requests use this thread.

    See you soon

  18. Tauron UODreams

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    The Council of Britannia needs you again,
    unfortunately, in the last few days, the room that contained precious items
    relics in the Green Acres has been disfigured by some foolish individuals ...

    Many of the stolen relics belonged predominantly
    to some of the most cruel and treacherous minds
    that over the years have dyed
    the lands of Sosaria!
    Artefacts and relics subtracted with blood a
    insensitive people who tried to destroy our world.

    Fortunately for us, an accomplice of theft
    has fallen into one of our traps e
    luckily he brought with him much of the booty ...
    We are trying to force him to tell us where he would have
    had to bring the stolen goods but so far has only been exposed on one of the objects disappeared

    Five vials containing nothing less than
    the Blood of Minax ...

    They can be anywhere and our fear
    it's the one that falls into the wrong hands
    so we must really do it quickly!

    For the moment

    we know that one of the vials should be hidden in Malas

    Whenever we have a clue about where one of the relics is located
    you will be warned in this release
    and you will find a messenger to Luna who will inform anyone
    of the new implications and will eventually give some clues.

    The research will start from now and does not have a time limit but we have to do
    in a hurry, if you do not properly store certain relics they could
    dissolve with the passage of time, then once obtained
    you must go to the palace of Lord British to deliver them
    being repaid for your immense work.

    Also, if any of the relics fell into the wrong hands
    we may need your help
    to avoid other trouble.

    In this case you will be notified directly
    in case you need your intervention
    from the Messenger of Britannia


    Here we will write all the clues we will collect by interrogating the prisoner!!

    CLUE 1:we know that one of the vials should be hidden in Malas
    CLUE 2:eek:ne of the 5 vials has already been found, it was in Malas in a cave near the great desert
    CLUE 3:the second vial was found, it was at the Shinto Sanctuary on Tokuno... now there are 3 more
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