VNC updated for ServUO pub58


ServUO Developer
This is confirmed working for pub 58 of ServUO (the latest repo.)

How to install:

  • Step 1: unzip - if you are not using a clean install note the files that are changed in the next step - you might need to merge if you have made manual changes.
  • Step 2: unzip VNC-for-pub58 - there are changes to ServUO core files (Item.cs, Mobile.cs, World.cs, Utility.cs) as well as the entire VNC with around 15 edited files to make it compatible. In addition, I restored Customs Framework in order to make ServUO compatible with this release of VNC.
  • Step 3: copy in Ultima.dll - If you have Ultima.dll working add it now. If you are not sure, see below the notes about Ultima.dll
  • Step 4: change your DataPath.cfg - point to your Ultima client files (where you MUL files are for the Server to reference.)
  • Step 5: run Compile.WIN - Release.bat

NOTES on Ultima.dll:

Ultima.dll was removed from the latest ServUO release. VNC does look for it, so this will produce errors if Ultima is not restored and may affect how Super Gumps work among other things. However, if Ultima.dll is brought back in a state where it tries to access the MUL files in the default location, it can crash the Server.

My fix was to change where Ultima.dll looks for the MUL files. By default, it uses the Ultima registry locations to discover the installation folder. The problem is that will sometimes point it to the Program Files or Program Files (x86) folder, and it might have trouble with permissions reading that location, or have a conflict if the Client is also reading from that location. In order to change where it looks, Ultima has to be recompiled.

I have included the Ultima folder and a batch file to compile it. Before you compile it, make sure you edit Files.cs - look for the comments about entering your custom client files path. To use the batch file, remove the .txt ending and run it.


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