Who is good with making addons?


Ok, I need a house addon made.

I need to make an addon for the players house. Its for Bio Engineering. Its a Incubator. Here is what I need. Its has to be small enough to fit properly in a house (Large bed / Forge Sized ) It has to incorporate a working container.

Those are on my only needs other than that You can be as creative as you want to me. Think rustic tech? If anyone has the time to toss something together. I will if i have to but I thought there is alot of talent in these forums why not use it!



Just something that represents an incubator for bio engineering. It has to have a functional container too.


I've got some code that will help you and any addon can have any itemID ;)

I should add that if you want the container gump to open though, the itemID has to be flagged as a container lol
Try this if it helps, an old lumber addon I made a while ago. Code's at the link etc, i'll try to edit with screenshots if I can.


*** EDITS ***
Saw Mill...

Granite furness...

The one I never finished !

First off, sorry for the size (couldn't be bothered to cut N paste stuff tonight)

The saw mill has working code for the crate... drag N drop to create and the finished product arrived at the other end, same as the granite machine really... pretty simple to make anything into anything else.
Anyway, codes on the RunUO links. Feel free to use / look at etc etc etc.

*** EDIT 2 ***
Forgot to mention, double clicking the saw mill blade or the flames in the granite machine also work ;)

Just made each section of the addon as a separate part, that way you can link up C# code to each part for various effects.
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Lil update.... Added a 2nd chamber... so now addon has Component Chamber on left ("Add your items here") and Retrieval Chamber on right ("Needs message & item to retrieve). Component Chamber currently asks for the items & Retrieval Chamber places item in players backpack (currently set to SpecialFishingNet). Needs list of items to add & finished item for retrieval. No actual container gump is involved & non were injured in the making of this addon. ;)
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New "update"... 2 addons, South & East. Still the same otherwise..
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It's the last system to be done due to all the changes the addons Hammerhand made are gonna be part of it as soon as I got some code to show ill show it off