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Windows 10 Beginner info

So you just got ServUO and are wondering what to do now. Here's helpful information from my experience as I stumbled through the initial configuration.

Make a folder on your PC to house the ServUO files and support files.
I will refrence to this folder as the 'ServUO Home Folder'.
Example: C:\ServUO

Extract the files you downloaded from GITHUB to the ServUO Home Folder.
If you did it right, you should now have a ServUO-master folder in the ServUO Home Folder.
Example: C:\ServUO\ServUO-master

Make a Client folder in the ServUO Home Folder. I tagged the patch info in the folder name.
My client is patched to 7_0_95_0 as shown on the login screen. Yours may be different.
Example: C:\ServUO\Client_7_0_95_0
Now Copy your actual client files into this folder so you can edit without messing up your client install.
Copy Everything in C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Classic\
To C:\ServUO\Client_7_0_95_0

Open the file C:\ServUO\ServUO-master\Config\DataPath.cfg
Change the line
CustomPath=C:\ServUO\Client_7_0_95_0 (or where ever you put your client files)
Save and close the file

Now just run the compiler for either the Debug or Release Build
Example: C:\ServUO\ServUO-master\Compile.WIN - Release.bat

The compiler will create the file C:\ServUO\ServUO-master\ServUO.exe
Make a shortcut on your desktop for this file.

Now you can run it!
Once you see the lines saying it's Listening, you can log in.

You'll need to get a launcher program like UOS or Razor to point your client to the new server.

Once you create the owner account and get logged in...
Admin commands are preceded by the [ character.

Commands to run right away
[gmbody Will give you a couple toys for switching between Owner and Player modes.
[createworld Will build all the spawners, doors, deco, etc throughout the world.

After those two you'll mainly use the following to get going

[docgen Creates an HTML manual of in game commands etc in the folder C:\ServUO\ServUO-master\docs
[admin Brings up a menu of admin options
[helpinfo Brings up a menu of the different commands available
[interface Brings up a menu with properties of the target

I welcome critique and additional info in the comments below as I'm still getting a grasp of this.
Question: I copied the whole client folder but I'm wondering if there's a list of required files from that folder so I can thin it out. It's a big folder.
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From Misc/DataPath.cs
        /* The following is a list of files which a required for proper execution:
        * Multi.idx
        * Multi.mul
        * VerData.mul
        * TileData.mul
        * Map*.mul or Map*LegacyMUL.uop
        * StaIdx*.mul
        * Statics*.mul
        * MapDif*.mul
        * MapDifL*.mul
        * StaDif*.mul
        * StaDifL*.mul
        * StaDifI*.mul