Ok, was working on a custom power hour system and got it working just like I want. Only thing that is bugging me is I can't find a way around a playermobile edit. I feel like there should be a way and that I'm missing something so I'm reaching out for fresh minds!

Basically a player can activate their power hour by using the Context Menu from playermobile. This forced me to make this small change to playermobile:

public override void GetContextMenuEntries(Mobile from, List<ContextMenuEntry> list)
            base.GetContextMenuEntries(from, list);

            if (from == this)
                list.Add(new PowerHour(from) );
                if (m_Quest != null)

Granted, its a very small edit, but I was really hoping to make it drag and drop.

The problem is, I can't find anyway to override this method from my powerhour script. The powerhour script bases ContextMenuEntry and therefore can not override the method in any way that I can find (No suitable method found to override error). Any ideas or am I stuck with the playermobile edit?
Not sure this would be possible. What PlayerMobile needs is a AddCustomContextEntries() method like BaseCreature has that would allow just what you want but without something like that you need the edit in PlayerMobile. Good suggestion for an edit to be added to ServUO :)
Yeah, I also created it with a command, which does not require a playermobile edit, but I hate adding more and more player commands.