XML Level Item initial caps?

magik hatt

Active Member
Apr 7, 2018
I thought I set the initial item level to be capped at 10, then it would need level up scrolls after to get higher. This isn't working. Newly created levelable items keep gaining experience and leveling past 10. I haven't tried going to the max level yet, but I'm concerned that might be an issue too. The files are located ServUO\Scripts\Services\XmlSpawner\XMLSpawner Extras\XmlLevelItem. The file LevelableItemSettings.cs has the initial item settings (I think). Here's how I've got that file set up. Is there another location to adjust this?

public static readonly int DefaultMaxLevel = 10; //Default Max level for items.
public static readonly int MaxLevelsCap = 100; //Number of total levels items can go up to when maxed.