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I saw you removed your Bella Quest hmm i was working on making it a one time quest let me know if would like a copy of what i did
gota good view of runuo.... can do elementary changes..... just got into serv uo<> looking ofr a serv uo client packagee!!!! to satrt with,..
servuo git hub download dont work so i found a few publishes on it.... publish 55 seems to fire right up!!!! but it is unstable, slow, laggy, cant find a client totwork with it.... need a betteer combo...
Hey man, you wouldn't know me but I recognize your avatar and your name from Runuo! Thank you for your hard work and all the scripts that you have written over the years! It's good to see you here still with the community. Best.
Could someone explain how the master looter backpack works please? I feel i may be using it wrong, doesnt pick anything up, unless im misunderstanding how it works
I saw a couple of your posts about adding things (scripts) to your shard. Just wondering if you sorted it out. I saw Milva gave you some good advice about making a "customs" folder and saving and restarting your shard after adding scripts. Any way if you need more help don't hesitate to ask.

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Thanks - sorry for the late reply.