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Today we will be making some changes to the way ServUO accepts donations. Up until now when someone has donated they have done so without any return other than the knowledge they are helping keep ServUO alive. Today that changes. We will be offering a few perks to those that decide to donate to the cause.

Because everyone has different circumstances in their life and may not be able to donate a certain amount we will be offering three different tiers of donations for users to choose.

Silver tier
Donation required: $5 per month

Silver member custom title below your username
Access to donator only forum where you can share ideas with other donors and staff

Gold tier
Donation required: $60 per year

Silver member custom title below your username
Access to donator only forum where you can share ideas with other donors and staff
Access to Gold donor only scripts. Please read below for more information on this.

Platinum tier
Donation required: $100 per year

Platinum member custom title below your username
Access to donator only forum where you can share ideas with other donors and staff
Access to Donor only scripts while they are in development. This is a great way to get to see these new scripts before anyone else and to get your feature requests in while the scripts are being developed. You will also get full access to completed scripts.

If you are interested in donating you may do so by click this link.


Why the change?
The way ServUO traditionally accepted donations has been in place since the sites inception. It is not a perfect system and offers no incentive for those who donate. Today that changes. You will now gain access to specific perks for donating as a way to say thank you! As Well as that, the previous method did not garner enough donations per month to pay all the bills. ServUO has not be in the black for more than a year now....
Thanks to @argalep, we have Clean Up Britain, Exodus Encounter, and Blackthorn dungeon now active. Feel free to report any bugs or issues you may find!!!
  • Implemented proper mechanics for attackable items as per EA. Mobile Combatant property was changed from Mobile to IDamageable. Several Server/Scripts Distro edits were necesarry, as well as updates to AI. Damageable items now pass a new item flag to the client, enabeling health bar pulling.
  • Casting monsters no longer stop to cast
Changing Combatant in Mobile.cs was inevitable for EA like behavior for attacking items. Please let us know if there are any issues. I'll be looking at a pending pull request regarding Clean Up Britannia System. Also, will need some rigorous testing of the new exodus dungeon content.

If you have the latest repo running, due to the band aid fix for the previous attackable items, they will need to be deleted on startup. You can go to the invasion controller (InvasionController) located at the beginning section of the invasion in blackthorn dugneon, and select ForceRespawn to true.

A massive amount of content has just been added to our master repo thanks to @Dexter_Lexia

He has added support for the High Seas expansion. This includes the much sought after Galleon system.

This is all experimental right now and we need you to help us test. Please report any issues you have and they will be fixed asap.

So have fun!
Today I have finished my rewrite of the Art API from PHP to c# and asp.

The API no longer serves just art but will serve most client information a user requires. As time goes on more information will be added to the endpoint.

Right now what is available:
  • Item art
  • Gump art
  • Multi art
  • Animations (new)
  • Sounds(new)
I will continue to add to this list as time goes on.

Not only that but the API is open source now under the GNU v3 license and anyone is free to submit bug fixes and features or use it for their own needs.

Endpoints are available at: http://services.servuo.com/API
Source at: https://github.com/ServUO/Client-API
Have fun!
We have hit the 2000 member mark today! This is a huge achievement for us and I would just like to say thank you to all staff and members on the forum. You guys are helping to keep the dream alive. Good job!

A few statistics:

  • Members: 2,002 (!)
  • Posts: 28,935
  • Threads: 4,171
  • Attachments uploaded: 5056
  • Disk space used by attachments: 7673mB
  • Male users: 1,436
  • Female Users: 193
  • Unspecified: The rest
  • Average age of users: 34.3 Years
This week saw very little development work. All of the core team members are off doing other things. We'll be back to rapid development soon, but in the meanwhile we're just trying to keep the lights on. Thank you to all of the staff on the official server, and to everyone who continues to report bugs, needed features, spawn map inaccuracies, and decoration misses. This information is critical and really helps progress of the project! A small group of developers can't possibly find all of these things in a world as big as Sosaria.

The only fix that actually made it to the repo this week was a fix for Lumberjacking bonus resources. However there were two pull requests made that are pending review, and a third "unofficial" PR that has been offered by Crome of the RebirthUO shard. Thank you to kevin-10, jackuoll, and Crome for your awesome contributions! We'll get to reviewing and merging as soon as we can make the time!
Over the past two weeks the community has focused heavily on defects. The issue count keeps rising due to our awesome community reporting bugs, inaccuracies, and missing features. We also have a record number of contributors! The community is growing, involvement is on the rise, and things are generally improving. I am so grateful to serve such an awesome community!


New Features
Throwing and Mysticism Power Scrolls now available through the Champion Spawn system
Resist values for resources updated for Publish 81
All addons now retain their construction resource, but deeds are not yet hued
Treasure Map Chests now scale loot intensity based on map level (to change again soon, discussion here)
SoS chest loots should work more like OSI now
Source code reorgonized
Imbuing should now be 100% accurate to SA at launch, feedback is welcome
Consecrate Weapon should now be 100% accurate
Stealth now has a buff icon
Bonus stable slots for SA and TOL (+4 total)
New swanky GMBody command, thanks Crome!
Updated weapon leach mechanics for the ML era
Reduced weapon durability loss by a factor of 10 until we implement a better solution
Brilliant Amber drop rate increased, Crystal Shards now drop from Lumberjacking in TerMur
The Shadow Knight will now become visible when taking any damage
Mondain's Legacy quests that give randomly generated loot now use the new Random Loot Generator
Added a few integration test commands that will be removed in the future
Added the [gengamedocs command that generates information about creatures, armor, and weapons in CSV format
Added teleport protection for the Green Acres region, but the region itself needs improvement
Revamped Justice virtue gain and gain delays to be more OSI-like

Bugs Fixed
Miasma paragon chests now pickable
Level 6 and 7 Treasure Map chests now pickable
Many more...

We are making some major changes to the file structure of ServUO in an effort to reduce technical debt and make future development easier. However these changes mean that projects that have not forked directly from ServUO using Git, and are not using Git to manage merges to their projects, are going to have a tough time merging these changes.

If your project falls under this category, fear not! We can still help you get on the right path with a little Git trickery. Please post in the Script Support forums and we'll work on it.
Wow, did I really miss release notes for two weeks? Youch. Real life has gotten the best of me, but progress marches on! Huge thanks to all of the contributors and reporters that are making this project a success! I feel like the community is really coming together.

The past three weeks has focused primarily on fixing defects in existing content. As we get more players on the official shard, and as those players branch out into more and more content, we are getting great defect reports regarding what isn't working as expected and what needs tweaking.


New Features
New Random Loot system has been fixed (by Kevin-10) and is once again enabled by default
Veterinarians will now resurrect dead bonded pets
Stat gain timers are now toggleable
Stat gains now use the OSI formulas from Publish 45 (for Core.ML == true)
Large soul forges are in, including the public forges in Royal City!
Clothing and Jewelry can now have durability
Doom Gauntlet Points System is now implemented (but not thoroughly tested)
Axes can be used to destroy furniture from the player's backpack! Yay!
Artifacts dropping directly into the player's backpack now makes a sound
Many champions and bosses have been added to their correct Slayer and Super Slayer groups
Crafting resource armor bonus have been updated to current values

Bug Fixes
Champion spawns will now spawn more than just enough to spawn the champion
Animal Lore can now be used on untame creatures at 100.0 skill as expected
The Artificer quests can now be repeated as intended
Fixed issue with first circle inscription not creating the correct scrolls
Alchemists now buy all potions
AI no longer uses the invisibility spell
Random Artifact items now always spawn as Brittle or Can't Repair
Real Artifacts no longer get random properties
Can now add gold to a full bank box
Good and Neutral Paragons should no longer attack Good-aligned players
Updated Righteous/Zyronic to current...