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A present from Santa 1.0

Fill these with the gifts your players asked Bernard for.

  1. Shazzy
    Latest Patch
    So, I put these on a spawner. Players can pick up a box and when they double click it, it becomes theirs. No one else can open it except them(and staff.)

    ****I made a drop barrel for them to put their Christmas wish boxes in, that again, only staff can access(will post if you want it)

    So, now I have a bunch of Gift Boxes, each has a players name on it, that I can fill with whatever I want.
    Then on Christmas - or whichever day- I can hand out the gifts or just have them for players to pick up, since they can only open theirs to get the gifts.
    Are there exploits?
    Don't think so, but not really worried about it on my server, we have a cool group:]
    This must be in their backpack when they double click it to get their name on it. If they double click it on the ground, it will tell them to put it in their backpack.

    Nothing big, just more silly holiday stuff.
    Happy Christmas!

    Shazzy :]