1. Sareus

    Publish 103 (Holiday Clothes/Mailboxes) 2018-12-09

    Just the three new mailboxes and the new Holiday Hat and Boots.
  2. Shazzy

    A present from Santa 1.0

    So, I put these on a spawner. Players can pick up a box and when they double click it, it becomes theirs. No one else can open it except them(and staff.) ****I made a drop barrel for them to put their Christmas wish boxes in, that again, only staff can access(will post if you want it) So, now...
  3. Shazzy

    Some 2016 gift Items 1.1

    Very simple just threw together the sand tiles and the candy cane. Ill have the rest done hopefully this week. Shaz :]
  4. Shazzy

    Bernard - Santa's Favorite Elf 1.0

    I love this guy! Koodos to the creator! I just changed him around a bit. You can place him at the North Pole or wherever you want for the holidays. ** Must be in a house you own. Players double click him and it asks what they want for Christmas. They simply type in what they want from Santa and...
  5. Shazzy

    Christmas Tree With Presents 1.0

    This is the tree with the presents at the base from the latest patch. I made it with Addongen. If anyone would like to clean it up to make it like a regular addon with deed that would be great(it does work, the coding just drives me nuts) Please post if for others to download :] Shazzy
  6. Shazzy

    2016 Holiday Bells and Ribbon 1.0

    Holiday deeds to place ribbon or bells on your lovely house walls. Can be placed north or west and can be dyed. Click to get gump to redeed. Hopefully more goodies to come! Happy Holidayz! Shazzy;)