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Bernard - Santa's Favorite Elf 1.0

A gift request vendor

  1. Shazzy
    Current ServUO will do.
    I love this guy! Koodos to the creator! I just changed him around a bit.

    You can place him at the North Pole or wherever you want for the holidays.
    ** Must be in a house you own.
    Players double click him and it asks what they want for Christmas.
    They simply type in what they want from Santa and click OK.

    You, being the owner can then go back and is shows the players name and what they requested.
    (** This is the CraftRequest Vendor just changed around - another really nice addition for players to have at their house, but that is another story!)
    My next project is making gifts with names on them that ONLY that person can open that gift box!

    Enjoy and ask questions, Ill post pictures when I gethome, he is really nice to have !