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ACC... public gates and spell system. 2013-12-08

Moongate and spell system

  1. jase giffin
    ok so many of you know acc systems. great stuff. editable public gates. and a full addon to the spell system.

    here we go.
    the gate system.
    is simple
    Usage [add publicgate
    it has a gump. walk into the gate and it will show this gump first use no entries will be present.
    first add your facet then choose add this gate. name it and done.
    close it and go to your next spot. continue till the end of your location list. good to go.

    the spell system.
    this has all the spell types
    9 in fact.
    but....be advised some of these.... alot of it., is pritty OP.
    but some of it is pritty good. test it first before giving it to your players. some spells will be problematic. and some of them might produce lag. be advised.
    however the public gates make this worth using.
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Recent Reviews

  1. TheRisingPhoenyx
    Version: 2013-12-08
    remove the lines it errors on about time set and change the bows to 1 sec from 0 on all 4 types and everything works fine the spells that boost skills do so above cap so 120 becomes 140 for a short while
  2. FahQ
    Version: 2013-12-08
    as long as you put in the 4 modified files as a "distro" fix this compiles just fine