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Code Accessing the local server from the internet

This was not written by me but is just a translation from . It was written for RunUO but should work for ServUO too.

The RunUO port must be forwarded to your internal IP network in the router.
In most routers the configuration can be displayed via accessing the router IP in the browser. The router IP is usually obtained by typing "ipconfig" or "winipcfg" in the Windows command prompt under the entry "Standardgateway".

In the router configuration you now have to forwarded ("port forwarding") the RunUO port (usually 2593) to your internal IP address in the network. How to do this should be explained in your router manual.

If you have a dynamic IP (most often the case), it is recommended to get a dynamic DNS on My Dyn Account.

If other people can not log in now, you still need to modify the Scripts / Misc / ServerList.cs.
In the file there is a line that looks like the following:
public const string address = null;
If you have a static IP or no DNS, then you should change the line to the following:
public const string address = "";
wherein is your external IP address. If you have a DNS for your network, the entry after editing should look like:
public const string address = "";
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