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Code Coding/Scripting 101 (in layman terms)

Be warned, I'm not sure how much time I'll have to finish that, but I'm going to attempt a repeat of what I've done years ago with the Nox Wizard emulator.

Nox was a total nobody until our team did not just do what every emulator should do (write code and fix bugs regularly) but because I (not a programmer by any education) made sure we had an up-to-date and actual USER-oriented manual for scripting and how-to's. In lay man's terms. We became pretty well known after half a year of work in the community, user base growing, but we all had too much real life going on to keep it up and after 2 years Nox disappeared again. I still consider it the most user-friendly (easy to use, very well documented and thus easy to customize) emulator that was out there, but the main reason for its quickly rising popularity was the focus on communication with people who were users and had no programming background, teaching them how to work it.

In my opinion RunUO has always lacked that, it became better when it got open source, but there was never a good communication established to connect and empower users. RunUO ruled through its features and good developers, not through a user based the same as even Sphere did. ServUO isn't very actively developed currently but I think it has enough going already from core etc that it can be very powerful and actively used if only the education/introduction side of things was better.

I've been on vacation now for a few days, which is the reason I've had time to look into UO again. Work starts Monday again and I'm usually extremely busy. So this might quickly dry up. But here is to a start ...

For the sake of readability I would like to ask everyone to not ask question in here or make general comments but make new threads in general discussion liking here.
But: Since I'm not a programmer and literally learning while I go, I'll make mistakes. If you find one, please comment THAT in here.
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