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Misc Accomplice scriptable GM tool 2015-06-05

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This is an ancient piece of software but I really liked it when I was working for Nox Wizard emulator because it is so easily customized for shards.

I've included the old exe which worked fine for Windows XP and a newly compiled exe for Windows 8.1 (at least for me accomplice never detected the client window under Windows 8.1 in the old version and the command prefix from the ini file was ignored).
Unfortunately at least for me the new accomplice exe has a tiny resolution on my screen and if changing the font and font-size in the ini file, then the table setup/grid is broken and the tab switching doesn't work properly anymore ... This happens in the old accomplice too (grid disrupted) but the old accomplice has a normal resolution.
I got the XP compiled version to run properly under Windows 8.1 in compatibility mode for Windows XP, in that case it still does not detect the art.mul (it shows the image of the selected static item usually) in my case with a custom path for my UO installation. But it accepts now the ServUO '[' prefix for commands and thus works ingame properly.

I've included the source code for accomplice which the Dev Zippy made available at some point, it is all C++ and has no Unicode support yet. Maybe someone with C++ experience can fix the unicode thing and figure out why the new compiled version has such a tiny resolution - and why changing the font size disrupts the layout grid ...

This accomplice version uploaded comes with the scripting for Nox Wizard emulator, so many of the commands in RunUO/ServUO are different and Nox took the ' prefix. So for ServUO you would have to update the script files (helpfile is included, it is pretty simple) and change the prefix to [ or whatever you use in the ini file.
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