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Art Age of Almhara DLC Pack 1.4

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06-03-2022 (1:48 PM) UPDATE: Added in a small, but large bonus for those who really wanna maximize their paperdoll human experience in the form of 81 different types (9 body types/9 realistic hues/both genders).
06-03-2022 UPDATE: Fixed issues with equipment gumps originally displaying white outline. No longer seems to be the case. Hopefully that will never happen again on my part. Sorry about that folks.
5-30-2022 UPDATE: Fixed issues with the Pet Talisman art statics. Turns out I originally messed up with the backgrounds by setting them with the wrong black color. Yeah go figure. That's UO right there.
5-29-2022 UPDATE: Added in 3 new armor sets. Royal Guard, Imperial Plate, and Glimmersong.


  • Royal Guard Armor Set.jpg
    Royal Guard Armor Set.jpg
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  • Imperial Plate Armor Set.jpg
    Imperial Plate Armor Set.jpg
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  • Glimmersong Armor Set.jpg
    Glimmersong Armor Set.jpg
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