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Almhara Starter Pack Vol. 1 2019-04-26

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Everything required is already included with the package along with a readme file.
To be honest I should have uploaded this earlier, despite taking bloody forever just to finish typing out the readme file included.

What this package amounts to are some of the custom features I've been incorporating into my server over the years that range from new mobiles, updates to some existing ones, new uses of existing items, new spells, mods for certain magery spells, new gems, specialized ingot and reagent pouches, cloaks that allow you to roleplay as your favorite furry monstrosity, and content not suitable for any serious shard owner. Best part is that you can pick and choose so that you don't have to use the entire package. Basically look at it as a grab-bag for some potential inspiration later on down the line.

I'll go ahead and post some of the readme here for those who wanna know what's included with this package before downloading.


- BaseFastEnemy: An addition to BaseCreature that when applied basically allows for extremely fast mobiles that can easily outrun players.

*Custom Mobs*

- Almiraj: A hued rabbit with the same peacemaking abilities as dryads and satyrs.

- Anchimayen: A hued ghoul that radiates a fire damaging aura upon close contact.

- Annoying Llamas 1,2,3: Very fast, very annoying. They cannot be killed, they cannot kill you. But they will continue to bombard you with exploding objects if you even dare try to move away from them. If anything these mobs work best if you can spawn them to where they're serve as a temporary annoyance for entering certain locations before having them auto-delete themselves.

- Behemoth: Rehued minotaur with a modded meteor breath attack.

- Bog Creeper Ambusher: Extremely fast scorpions capable of lethal poison and CANNOT be outrun on foot.

- Chakla: Spellcasting cat. Nothing more, nothing less.

- Cinnamologus: Noob level phoenix with a bleed attack.

- Dai Ogumo: Spider that shoots web projectiles.

- Forest Bat: Low level mob that when flying can't be hit by physical melee weapon attacks.

- Gaseous Slime: A standard slime that acts more like a makeshift whoopie cushion.

- Gualichu: A hued skeleton that takes reduced damage from all non-bashing type weapons.

- Ibong Adarna: A tameable that actually works as a party healer if its under control. It will continue to heal until fully replenished.

- Jubokko: A hued quagmire that basically ignores 7x gm players.

- Lizardman Ranger: Lizardman archer that can shoot lightning projectiles at nearby players and even gms.

- Mesmenir: Low level unicorn with a aoe lightning attack.

- Nyeenakuu: Champ spawn that requires melee/ranged and spells in order to overcome. After enough time has passed it unleashes an AOE before enacting a barrier which must be broken before it can be damaged. Also if you have music enabled, you'll be greeted with victory music after its been defeated.

- Oborunian Drow Spider Trainer: Drow mobile that can summon/buff its own allies along with pelleting players/gms with lightning volleys.

- Poison Arrow Frog: Multi-hued bullfrog that inflicts lethal poison.

- Pookah: Low level nightmare with a aoe lightning attack.

- Qingniao: Peacemaker bird.

- Razorback Raptor: A raptor that can easily fly into a frenzied rage, dealing extra damage unless hit by certain attacks.

- Running Pants: Says so right on the tin.

- Sand Barracuda: Its a land dolphin that'll ignore 7x gm players.

- Sand Streaker: Small dragon with a sand attack.

- Shangyang: Spellcasting bird.

- Summoned Oboru Jumping Spider: Companion piece to the Drow Spider Trainer.

- Swamp Vine: Ignores 5x gm players and has carvable loot that's more beneficial to players with high Forensics.

- Tokoloshe: Hue goblin that ignores 5x gm players, otherwise it'll try to steal from them.

- Umdhlebi: Hued quagmire with some minor tinkering here and there.

- Umkhovu: Hued zombie with a ranged poison projectile attack.

- Wekufe: Hued wraith that's literally ripped right from the pages of old school D&D in that its capable of inflicting permanent stat drain on players.

*Old Favorites*

- Ant Lion: Now doubles as a pack mule.

- Dire Wolf: Bleed attack along with its own unique carve loot.

- Ettin: 3 weapon abilities along with unique carve loot.

- Evil Mage: Based off the old human variant, though this one does have a multi-targeting fireball attack.

- Harpy: Probably the biggest revamp to an old mob. In regards to finally making use of its flying animation, it gains a speed boost, requires ranged attacks in order to be damaged by melee, and as long as its flying it will constantly make flapping noises. Also because I've also added code for an OnMovement method, this is one of the few hostile mobiles that has no issue standing up to gm players.

- Ogre: Same as ettin.

- Orcish Lord: Has a melee range AOE attack involving its axe weapon.

- Spectral Armour: Constantly makes swooshing noises while alive.

- Troll: Same as ettin and ogre.

- Water Elemental: Can enact a barrier that blocks all physical attacks until shattered by spells.

- SBJewel: Updated list to account for custom gems.

- Modded distro file to where equipable lights now function as melee weapons.

*Bonus Features*

Some mobiles have their own unique carve loot and many of which take advantage of Forensics in order to acquire more spare parts.

*Magery Spell Mods*
- All damaging/healing spells will dish out more damage/replenish more health depending on your Alchemy, Eval Int, Imbuing, and Inscribe.

*Candle Fighting*
- Blue Candle: Deals energy damage.
- Green Candle: Deals poison damage.
- Holy Candle: Insta-kills certain undead.
- Unholy Candle: Insta-kills any BaseCreature.
- White Candle: Deals cold damage.

- Lightning Potion: 3 variants based off of explosion potions, only now deal energy damage.
- Mana Potion: Self-explanatory.
- Mind Potion: Temporary intelligence buff much akin to agility and strength potions.
- Shatter Potion: 3 variants based off of explosion potions, only now deal cold damage.
- Skill Mod Potions: 3 classifications along with 3 skill levels. Allows for temporary skill buffs.

*Special Containers*
- Arch Mage Pouch: Same as Reagent Pouch with a 300 reagent carry capacity.
- Backpack Of Reduction: Not made by me. Though its needed in order for these backpacks to function properly.
- Diggers Ingot Pouch: Same as Ingot Pouch with a 300 ingot carry capacity.
- Ingot Pouch: Based off of the Reagent Pouch, except it now holds ingots.
- Reagent Pouch: Not made by me. Needed for the Arch Mages Pouch.

*Transformation Cloaks*
- 17 different cloaks that when worn will change your appearance until removed.

*Environment Sound Generator*
- Anvil Noise: Perfect for blacksmith shops and if you got one of them permanently standing in front of an anvil.
- Carpentry Noise: Same as above.
- Swamp Bug Noise: Spawn a few of these along your swamp locations and you'll make it sound bug infested.
- Wave: Not made by made. Easily one of the largest inspirations when it came to making my own however.

*Humorous Content*
- Apple of Corrosion: A regular apple dosed in lethal poison.
- Bank NPC: Just your standard bank sitter that constantly quotes banking puns.
- Youre Fucked Class Gate/Cloak: Little system designed for those who really wanna make life more difficult than it already is with may a few minor perks. Either way you're starting off in a way to where even birds can kill you. *Note* You may want to change the map/point3D coordinates or just remove it if needed.

*Tomb Spells*
- Basically an abandoned project mostly done in order to better hone my coding skills. Luckily you can pick and choose what spells you want to incorporate into your server and probably the ones worth checking out are those summoning variants that get stronger based off of caster stats and skills.
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