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Apiculture or Beekeeping Re-written to work with Pub 54 2017-03-31

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ServUO Pub 54
Attached a working BeeKeeping system. I picked up the files from RunUO and looked through the code but did not find a person to credit for them. If someone knows the history of it let me know so I can credit them for writing the original scripts.

A thank you to Lokai and to Hammerhand for helping me figure out the script issues so that it would compile with ServUO Pub 54. Thanks!

I have been able to place the hives and use the deeds and they work fine. It will take a couple of days to fully test it out since the hives need to propagate bees. Just like the flower system the beehive can need potions to stop beehive health problems. There is a wiki on the gump that should be some help.

Place the files in Custom folder. There is one core script SBBeekeeper.cs. If you have no custom edits to that script already. Chances are good you can just overwrite your current file with our new one.

Also Sahisahi posted their version that has a community beehive. You can find that at this link. I believe it also works with Pub 54
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