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Training Weapons for the New (5/02/2020) ServUO Repo 2020-05-28

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Build 7427
Hey everyone, pretty simple package. This is just a set of training weapons for the new ServUO build 7427 5/02/2020. It contains a Katana, Kryss, Mace, Shield, Bow, Gargish Katana, Gargish Kryss, and Gargish Maul that have had their damage set to min/max 1/2. I set their descriptions to say "Wooden". So a Katana when hovered over will say "Wooden Training Katana". And so on and so forth for the rest of them.

I found my old weapons training scripts had AoS errors on them and rather than try to fix those I just duped the new Repo's weapons and changed them all to TrainingWeapons and set the minimum damage to 1 and the maximum damage to 2 then altered their names to reflect they are training weapons. I lowered the floating speed on them to 2.00f for all of them.

Drag and drop into customs no base edits needed. This might save somebody 30 minutes of having to fix or create their own. Stay safe out there.
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