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Apple Bobbin & OuiJa Board 1.0

Fun items

  1. Milva
    2 Older scripts ( I didn't script these) No scripter name inside :/

    Apple Bobbin is a fun item- when you click the barrel assorted msgs will appear like
    " You bite into an apple and pull your soaking wet head out of the water"

    You can get an apple in your pack or at times not get one
    There is also a bending animation when you click the barrel.
    There are no apples around this- I use to add apples on top of it and around the ground.

    For the OuiJa Board- when you click the board different animations can appear with hues, just another fun item.
    Both tested with servuo- surprised these didn't need any updates

Recent Reviews

  1. Shazzy
    Version: 1.0
    Yeah These are fun for Halloween! :]
    1. Milva