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Code Tutorial For "How To Change"

Just thought I would post how to change certain scripts and where
Please everyone can add to this which will help other's just starting out :)
If I have posted anything which does not seem right let me know!

How to add items to all player's packpack
[online addtopack apple set itemid 123 hue 456 name "Chocolate bunny" where playermobile
this code shows how to add a normal item but have a different ID

If you have a script item which you would like to use
[online addtopack superdragonarmor name "Surprise" where playermobile
[online addtopack cake hue 302 name "Special Cake" where playermobile

How to add leaves in Felucca

Scripts/Misc Folder open the MapDefinitions.cs

RegisterMap( 0, 0, 0, 7168, 4096, 4, "Felucca",MapRules.FeluccaRules );
RegisterMap( 1, 1, 1, 7168, 4096, 0, "Trammel",MapRules.TrammelRules );
RegisterMap( 2, 2, 2, 2304, 1600, 1, "Ilshenar", MapRules.TrammelRules );

Change the zero's to match the same as the 1's for Trammel
How to Change Max Skills Cap

Go to Scripts\Misc\charactercreation.cs

Around line 614 you will find a code that looks like this
newChar.Hunger = 20;
After that line add this

newChar.Skills.Cap = (number you want skill cap to be);
it should look something like this

newChar.Hunger = 20;
newChar.Skills.Cap = 100000;
Remember to always add an extra 0 at the end of the number you want skills to be set at. if you want skills to be set at 500 then you need to type 5000.
If you only type 500 then your players max skill cap will be 50.

For chars which were created before this change---type [global set SkillsCap "skill cap number" where playermobile (adding a extra 0 to the number so set skill cap level )
How to set Stat Cap

Find: newChar.Hunger = 20;

And add below it:
newChar.StatCap = 330;

Now every new character created will have statcap 330.

And to make this change on the characters created before, just login the game with an admin account and type:
[global set statcap 330 where playermobile
How To Open Online Browser
(This will open a gump for online players- if you would like to use a vote site or any site for information.
[online open browser ServUO - Ultima Online Emulation

[GenerateFactions will generate factions in fel



[Decorate --Generates world decoration( you can also use the [admin gump for doors and signs

Spawn the deep use command--- [GenExploringTheDeep


Conf Folder -Open ServUO Folder- you will then see Config
You will see many cfg here- where you can make changes for your server
Account.cfg- change the amount of accounts
Housing.cfg -change the amount of houses per ip
plus much more

This has great reviews which will spawn the whole world

Information for the new banking system
It's in line with OSI publish 90/91 - Time of Legends virtual account gold.

All gold is now bound to your Account and can be accessed by all characters on your account.

Trading gold has been updated in that you can now type an amount of gold directly in to the trade gump.
Because of this new feature, bank checks became redundant for transferring large amounts of gold.
You can still withdraw stacks of gold coins from your gold account, say "withdraw 50000".

Basically, Banker.Withdraw, Banker.GetBalance, etc, now checks Account.TotalCurrency instead of looking for physical Gold and BankCheck items in your bank box.

There are options enabled in CurrentExpansion.cs which allows the server to automatically delete and convert Gold and BankChecks dropped in to the BankBox (that's why they vanish).

If you say "balance" to a banker, they should tell you the correct amount, including the gold that's "vanished" :D

Also 1 billion gold == 1 platinum.

I used the Gold Ledger on my shard too, but with the new ToL account gold changes, it became redundant, so I've made it that when people d-click their Ledger, it deletes and credits their account. Things like Gold Sweeping were then replaced with an OnMovement override in Gold.cs instead.

You can completely disable the features individually in CurrentExpansion.cs
If you lost the Staff Runebook or maybe something is suddenly missing in it just use
[staffrunebookreset to return your staff runebook.
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