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Auto-Decorator 2000 1.3

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Should be the final update. I added a central controller so you can access all the autocontrollers from a central location...Control Room friendly.
Just found a small bug which I overlooked. I thought I took care of this at an earlier date and didn't discover it until I was decorating my shard.
Removed the Season option. It finally occurred to me that if a shard can have multiple decorators...there's zero reason to have a decorator with two kinds of decorations...especially since each decorator controls its own decorations. I've updated it so if you've already had season decorations placed or season events created, it won't crash your'll just treat everything like a normal event.

Added the option to clone events. This way you could have a decorator in each town and easily make sure they're all triggering on the same date and using the same sets of decorations. Will also permit you do delete a controller (AutoDecorator 2000) with all of its associated decorations but not lose your events. Hunting through the graphics and manually entering ID numbers can be very tedious.

Fixed a couple with the potential to crash a server with a null reference exception.