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Auto Pavers.psp Paintshop Pro 5.0 and Gimp
Auto Pavers.psd Adobe Photoshop

1. Clear the "Your Texture" Layer or Create a new Layer called my texture and delete old.
2. Fill the texture layer with a texture I used a pattern fill of darksand stone modified from UO
3. Play with the layers turning them on and off getting the feel of how it all works.
4. Choose One grout and play with layer transparency slider to get desired look
5. After you set is created you must select each image copy, paste as new, and crop the image flush making it square
6. Save each image 1-Whatever, Install in fiddler, set tile data to surface, and radar color to nearest in uofiddler.
7. Save install and enjoy

Note: Only downside to this method is the grout. It is a solid color of 888 RGB
Ultima doesn't really do this with their grout.
You can change the color of the grout to a dark or light color that of the image.

I have included a screeshot of what I am talking about reguarding grout.
There are ways to improve the grout such as adding noise, Then colorizing, or simply just use a darker color
from the color ranges of the image. Such as in the sandstone could use eyedropper to select the darkest brown from the original.
Grout Example.png
For the sake of simplicity I haven't added any of that.

Note: The 8 Tiles at top are for creating variations which I didn't bother doing I was tired. Add cracks, variation of the texture, whatever you like.
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