custom art

  1. TheArt

    The Forsaken Planes

    The Forsaken Planes Site Our Discord We will hopefully be releasing by May 31st! We will have no skill cap, 6x6-30x30 customizable houses. You'll need out custom client as well as ClassicUO to connect to our server! We have custom items among many more things! Hope to see you there when...
  2. Archaaz

    Partial Hue Chests Version 2.0

    I am not an artist, but have been playing around a bit with modifying existing graphics for my shard. Most of you probably already know this, but I discovered that the gray metal chest can be set to partial hue. I cleaned up a few pixels and included it here. I likewise took the wooden chest...
  3. otimpyre

    Dungeon Bookshelves 1.0

    Created as a part of some dungeon tweaks I am working on. Didn't like how making the shelves aged and dusty also colored all the books. So I colored the shelf and lowered the saturation of the books.
  4. otimpyre

    Paintings - Lots 1.0

    158 Paintings total. South & East facing. Small & Large. Tutorial on how to create these found in tutorial section. Enjoy!
  5. otimpyre

    Art Creating Custom Paintings

    A lot of information I refer to is shown in my other tutorial videos. Like repairing holes, screenshot method ect...
  6. Erad

    Art Era's Custom Clothing art May the 4th be with you

    Era's Custom Gump Art Info I am an inspired hobbyist graphic designer, I have always loved the art form of UO as a whole. On my free time, I am always up to make new content for UO. I am happy to show everyone on Servuo my artwork, Everything you see in this pack is free to use. Links Facebook...