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1. Place your image on the "Your Image" Layer Aligning it to fit on the grid where you want it to appear on a tile in game.
2. Preview the image against common backgrounds in game grass, sand and snow. Just to see how it looks. By turning layers on and off you can
visualize only the layers you want to see at the moment.
3. Select white or blackground bg when you are satisfied with look of image and alignment along grid.
4. Optional if your image is only one tile in size turn on the Mask4 1 tile image.
5. Optional if your image is multiple tiles in size select the splicer moving it along grid on its own layer for each section
then switching layer to image back and for copying and pasting each splice as a new image. Your must turn grid off and on in between
each layer so as not to have it included in the final images.
6. Crop each slice from top of canvas down to the top pixel of image or each image. This reduces size and makes them easily visible in
UOFiddler. Install your new creations and enjoy.

Note the splicing process is
1. Select splicer with selection tool
2. Move splicer and align with grid keeping "Splicer on its Own Layer"
The bottom of splicer should just cover the green pixels of grid at bottom of desired splice
3. Turn off grid layer
5. Switch layer to "Your Image" layer while selection is active on splicer layer copy "ctrl C" paste as new image "ctrl v"
You are not copying the splicer or moving it to another layer you are just using it to create a precise aligned selection so you
can perfectly cut the actual image on its layer.
Rinse repeat as many times as desired
It seems complicated but after you do the steps a few times it is very simple. In fact it is a huge time saver.
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