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Bittiez Utilities 1.0.3

Various methods that are reusable and helpful when scripting.

  1. Bittiez
    What Is This?
    This is a collection of Utilities/Tools that I have found useful time and time again, rather than re coding them each time I am going to keep them in this script, making them easily reusable and saving time.

    Installation and ServUO version
    To install simply unzip the file to /Scripts/Custom/

    Tested with ServUO Publish 54


    Method 1:
    Code (C#):
    1. Bittiez.Tools.<The Method You Want To Use Here>
    Method 2:
    Place this line at the top of your script(s):
    Code (C#):
    1. using Bittiez;
    And use
    Code (C#):
    1. Tools.<The Method You Want To Use Here>
    Note: This is currently a very small amount of methods, but ill be adding to it often.

    Current Methods


    This method will return a List of items at the specific location
    Usage ex:
    Code (C#):
    1. Mobile from = <Mobile here>;
    2. List<Item> Items = Bittiez.Tools.Find_Items_At_Location(from.Location, from.Map);


    This method will call a method(CallBack) after the specified delay.
    Usage ex:
    Code (C#):
    2. Start_Timer_Delayed_Call(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1), Test)
    3. public void Test(){
    4. //Run some code here after 1 second
    5. }


    This will return a List of all connected players
    Usage ex:
    Code (C#):
    1. List<Mobile> Online_Players = Bittiez.Tools.List_Connected_Players();


    This will write a line to the console with a specific color
    Usage ex:
    Code (C#):
    1. Bittiez.Tools.ConsoleWrite(ConsoleColor.Blue, "Some line here");


    This will return a List-SkillName- of all skills in the system.
    Code (C#):
    1. List<SkillName> Skillz = Bittiez.Tools.List_All_Skills();


    This will return a list of all items in a container, if Search_Sub_Containers is true, it will recursevly search all containers recursevly.
    Code (C#):
    1. List<Item> Items = List_Items_In_Container((BaseContainer)Mobile.Backpack, true);

Recent Reviews

  1. sahisahi
    Version: 1.0.3
    Tried to download this long ago at runuo site, never worked for me, after raffle ends, theres no announce also the item disappear, it doesnt deliver to anyone, like theres no winner...

    Anyway, nice system!
  2. IanE
    Version: 1.0.3
    Works fine. Downloaded to install RevRaffle.