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TazUO, ClassicUO zone file generator 1.0.0

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What is this?​

This is a simple command that will generate zone files for all your maps and regions so players using TazUO (or ClassicUO) can see zones on the map like this:

How does this work?​

When in game simply type [genzones

This will then go through all the maps registered in your server(custom maps, default maps, doesn't matter), and create zones file for each map containing all the regions you have defined for that map.

A few notes on this, maps registered in your server are not necessarily the same as your map files, for example on my server we have three maps that all use map0.mul/uop file, so this will generate a zone files for each map registered in your server, however the client only sees map0 regardless of which one of those 3 maps I am on because they all use map0, so just keep this in mind when distributing zone files.

There may or may not be a few bugs as this is more complicated than it should be to get the outline of a bunch of rectangles innstead of overlapping rectangles, but it's not terrible hard to manually edit any minor bugs if there are any.

There are a few ways you can customize this, Look at the ProcessMap method to decide what maps to skip, and ProcessRegion to decide what regions to skip.

Color can also be customized here:
// TUO/CUO supports red, green, blue, purple, black, yellow, white, or none
zone.Color = "white";
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