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Monster and Item Auras! 1.6.0

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What is this?

This is a bare-bones aura "framework". Adding auras to monsters or items such as damaging/healing/any effect you want!

Built-in auras:
Dismount Aura [Example: EvilMageAura.cs] [Preview]
Healing Aura [Example: CrystalHealingBall.cs] [Preview]
Damaging Aura [More Details]
Mana Regen Aura [More Details]
Life Leach Aura [More Details]
Stat Buff Aura [More Details]
Effect Aura (Visual only) [More Details]

If you find any bugs, issues or would like to request auras/changes just let me know.


The only file you need is Aura.cs, you can place it in your Custom scripts folder

How do I add this to my own monsters/items?

Check out the instructions over here.

How do I create custom auras?

Open Aura.cs
Add your aura type here(At the top):
    public static class AURATYPE
        public const int DISMOUNT_PLAYER = 1;
        public const int HEALING = 2;
        public const int CUSTOM = 9999;
For example: public const int DAMAGE_AURA = 2;

Scroll down to this:
                    case AURATYPE.DISMOUNT_PLAYER:
                        if(target is PlayerMobile) {
                            ((PlayerMobile)target).SetMountBlock(BlockMountType.Dazed, AURAFREQUENCY, true);
Add your own case switch such as:
                switch (m_AuraType)
                    case AURATYPE.DISMOUNT_PLAYER:
                        if(target is PlayerMobile) {
                            ((PlayerMobile)target).SetMountBlock(BlockMountType.Dazed, AURAFREQUENCY, true);
                    case AURATYPE.DAMAGE_AURA:
                        //Custom aura code here

Done! You now know how to create custom auras and add them to monsters!
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