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Due to the learning curve for XenFero some of this appears scrambled, all I can say is I apologize for my end in things.


About Returning/Updates
A few weeks ago Tass contacted me about releasing BME in a script pack and we got to talking about me finishing it and he was kind enough to give me some links to a client, my old BME v1.13, and a copy of ServUO (publish 54) that at least got past any it's-so-old issues. However it took me like another three weeks to even install things and finally have the time to crunch anything out due to my own work/life balance. So the release date on 1.14 is pretty pretty far off when you think about it.

So I decided to set up a smaller releases deal. As I go along I'll periodically release some content here so you can tweak things as I do. And one day when 1.14 is finished I'll post the fully packaged version in Releases.

So let's get started. :)
And the very first thing we get to learn is this website doesn't have a *forum* in what I'm used to. Instead of being able to post replies you are forced to edit the original post.


So umm, Post #2!
BME v1.14 Micro Updates - 1 - BlueBen & Blue Touched Changes

BlueBen Update

1. BlueBen has a family now. Ben will continue to offer the Forensics Training (<51.0 forensics, reward is a ring of the savant which has +3 int, +1 fc/fcr), the An Empty Vessel quest (blue mage sign up), and Finding Quina (frog drop & fork focused) quests.
2. BlueLeo (dressed in green) offers TierOneSlayer which now grants level 1 upgrade deeds.
3. BlueEliz (dressed in pink) offers TierTwoSlayer which now grants level 2 upgrade deeds.
4. BlueLind (dressed in purple) offers TierThreeSlayer which now offers the BlueNecklace as a reward.
I plan on reducing the difficulty curve of BME down as we go. Originally this was an advanced player / populated shard release meant to add extra hours of mid-to-late game content. This is why for example two or three people will find it extremely hard to run the snow cap deal with multiple snow elementals and auras. Frog Drop's required item list jumps from loot collectables to plant growing to advanced smith materials. And Blue Touched requiring you to hunt seven Balrons and four other advanced creatures just for an extra +5~+10 in some stats. And this is one of the largest steps, dropping the SlayerQuests down makes it easier to gear up and now you can obtain the Needle Fork for the slayer bonus without needing to complete knowing all the spells (which is technically impossible).

Blue Touched
1. Clothing may be purchased for 100,000gp each from any of the four NPCs from above.
2. You can get bonus properties depending on slot & upgrade.
Hat: Insightfulx2 grants and extra +5 to attack & defend chance.
Hat: Arcanicx2 grants an extra +5 to magery & necro.
Boots: Hastedx2 grants an extra +1 to faster casting.
Sash: Skillfulx2 grants an extra +5 to tactics & wrestling.
Sash: Regenerativex2 grants an extra +10 to regen rates.
Arms: Mighty/Nimble/Intelligentx2 grants an extra +5 to the primary stat.
Cloak: Resistive grants an extra +5 to resistances.

3. BlueNecklace can now be obtained (upgrades are still squirreled away through).
"On-Slot" bonuses is a way to make certain items compete with others. Like as I incorperate SA's properties to can expect an Absorpion enhancement to gain an extra bonus if it's slotted into the cloak. You can always choose Resist/Absorb in any item, but if you want that extra amount you have to pick one for the cloak. And while this is a positive change, giving bonuses rather than removing them, Luck may see a nerf so it can be turned into it's own upgrade.

Needle Fork
1. Is now sold for 1,000,000gp by the Blue NPCs.
Technically this required the Finding Qunia Quest and could appear as drop loot. However only advanced Blue Mages could enter the area. Smaller shards simply may not have enough people interested in the spells & animal taming nerf to pursue this. So the fork that operates as a slayer for all the murder quests can now be directly purchased.

Fair Warning
I have no idea if switching which NPC offers what quest breaks MondainsQuester. I seem to recall deleting the NPC caused an issue where the quest had to be deleted off the user's completion list but I could be wrong and with 10 years worth of updates between then and now it could always been fixed.

Edit: Ok, well the "discussion" tab says I don't have the "privilege" to edit/post there. Lovely.
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