A few weeks ago Tass contacted me about releasing BME in a script pack and we got to talking about me finishing it and he was kind enough to give me some links to a client, my old BME v1.13, and a copy of ServUO that at least got past any it's-so-old issues. However it took me like another three weeks to even install things and finally have the time to crunch anything out. So the release date on 1.14 is pretty pretty far off when you think about it.

So I decided to set up a smaller releases deal. As I go along I'll periodically release some content here so you can tweak things as I do. And one day when 1.14 is finished I'll post the fully packaged version in Releases.

So let's get started. :)
And the very first thing we get to learn is this website doesn't have a *forum* in what I'm used to.


So umm, Post #2!
BlueBen Update
1. BlueBen has a family now. Ben will continue to offer the Forensics Training (<51.0 forensics, reward is a ring of the savant which has +3 int, +1 fc/fcr), the An Empty Vessel quest (blue mage sign up), and Finding Quina (frog drop & fork focused) quests.
2. BlueLeo (dressed in green) offers TierOneSlayer which now grants level 1 upgrade deeds.
3. BlueEliz (dressed in pink) offers TierTwoSlayer which now grants level 2 upgrade deeds.
4. BlueLind (dressed in purple) offers TierThreeSlayer which now offers the BlueNecklace as a reward.
I plan on reducing the difficulty curve of BME down as we go. Originally this was an advanced player / populated shard release meant to add extra hours of mid-to-late game content. This is why for example two or three people will find it extremely hard to run the snow cap deal with multiple snow elementals and auras. Frog Drop's required item list jumps from loot collectables to plant growing to advanced smith materials. And Blue Touched requiring you to hunt seven Balrons and four other advanced creatures just for an extra +5~+10 in some stats. And this is one of the largest steps, dropping the SlayerQuests down makes it easier to gear up and now you can obtain the Needle Fork for the slayer bonus without needing to complete knowing all the spells (which is technically impossible).

Blue Touched
1. Clothing may be purchased for 100,000gp each from any of the four NPCs from above.
2. You can get bonus properties depending on slot & upgrade.
Hat: Insightfulx2 grants and extra +5 to attack & defend chance.
Hat: Arcanicx2 grants an extra +5 to magery & necro.
Boots: Hastedx2 grants an extra +1 to faster casting.
Sash: Skillfulx2 grants an extra +5 to tactics & wrestling.
Sash: Regenerativex2 grants an extra +10 to regen rates.
Arms: Mighty/Nimble/Intelligentx2 grants an extra +5 to the primary stat.
Cloak: Resistive grants an extra +5 to resistances.

3. BlueNecklace can now be obtained (upgrades are still squirreled away through).
"On-Slot" bonuses is a way to make certain items compete with others. Like as I incorperate SA's properties to can expect an Absorpion enhancement to gain an extra bonus if it's slotted into the cloak. You can always choose Resist/Absorb in any item, but if you want that extra amount you have to pick one for the cloak. And while this is a positive change, giving bonuses rather than removing them, Luck may see a nerf so it can be turned into it's own upgrade.

Needle Fork
1. Is now sold for 1,000,000gp by the Blue NPCs.
Technically this required the Finding Qunia Quest and could appear as drop loot. However only advanced Blue Mages could enter the area. Smaller shards simply may not have enough people interested in the spells & animal taming nerf to pursue this. So the fork that operates as a slayer for all the murder quests can now be directly purchased.

Fair Warning
I have no idea if switching which NPC offers what quest breaks MondainsQuester. I seem to recall deleting the NPC cuased an issue where the quest had to be deleted off the user's completion list but I could be wrong and with 10 years worth of updates between then and now it could always been fixed.


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**Week #2 - Trine Update**
Included are a new BlueOrcCaptain and Trine Spell.

Trine is so old it uses Ability.Aura instead of BlueSpell.SpellEffect. So the spell is updated and slightly larger.

Just a semi-normal Orc Captain, max stats, 500hp, but he casts Trine and summons BlueSkitteringHoppers which use Thrust Kick to shove people all over the map.

BlueSpawn Changes
Below is the follow changes you need to make to BlueSpawn.cs. To update simply go ingame and delete the BlueSpawner using [global interface where bluespawn command then update the script and restort it in game using the [bm spawn command as before.
#region Thrust Kick
// See Trine

#region Trine
spawner = new Spawner();
spawner.MoveToWorld( new Point3D( 1412, 804, -24 ), Map.Ilshenar );
spawner.SpawnNames.Add( "BlueOrcCaptain" );
spawner.Count = 1;
spawner.HomeRange = 8;
BlueStuff.Add( spawner );
spawner = new Spawner();
spawner.MoveToWorld( new Point3D( 1412, 804, -24 ), Map.Ilshenar );
spawner.SpawnNames.Add( "SkitteringHopper" );
spawner.Count = 5;
spawner.HomeRange = 8;
BlueStuff.Add( spawner );
Since the Captain can spawn the Thrust Kick teaching monsters, no other changes are needed.

Hot Patch: Ability.SlideTimer, line 1,114: if (this.m_Mob == null || !this.m_Mob.Alive )
Failure to implement this patch will result in crashing if the mobile dies while sliding.


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Well it look likes the attachments are there. So in case, here is the original BME 1.13. Be sure to apply any updates in this discussion thread.


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** Week #3 - Virtue Update**
This minor update tweaks spells quite a bit to better incorporate virtues since OSI has finally gotten around to using them all.

New VirtueBonus method, if the BlueNecklace is worn it can award points and return their progression as an int.
Remember that special Blue Touched Necklace that's now offered as the highest slayer quest?
Yeah, while wearing it certain spells can benefit from your virtues now. Making it super useful.

Virtue Spell Changes (most castings award +200pts per use)
Compassion - Auto Life: Can award points (res benefits were already included).
Honesty - Dragon Force: +/- 3 to mods, some tweaks, now checks skill caps.
Honor - Magic Hammer: Increases cap, drains 50% (up to 130 mana).
Humility - Demi: Increases cap, drains 50% (up to 130 hp).
Justice - Mind Blast: Offset was capped at 15, virtue can add 15 more doubling the effect.
Spirituality - White Wind: Up to +6hp to each target healed, points awarded is healed amount.
Valor - Fifty Needles: It's finally fifty! Only against monsters and consumes stamina through.
Sacrifice - Blow Up: Deals x2~x5 current hp in damage now.
The exact benefits are not explaned in game, but these spells now have a [Virtue] tag in their description as a reminder.

Anti-Virtue Spell Changes - Shadow Flare
Each casting drains 100 points from each virtue.
However it's base damage is increased by one point for every rank you have.
Knighthood in all eight virtues adds +24 damage before being passed to the SpellHelper.

Anti-Virtue - Ultimate Weapon
BlueUltimateWeapon has been revamped in several ways.
* Rally, Echo Strike, & Bullrush removed.
* New Unholy Burst ability is WIP.
* New Unholy Field is similar to the Six's fire cross but the flames are dark.
* Energy Drain tweaked, it has a cooldown and randomly reduces one virtue by 1,000 points.
* Ethereal Drain remains the same.
* Each melee attack randomly reduces one virtue by 200 points.
* His base melee damage is increased by +2 per victim's virtue that is at 0.
* If your all virtues are at 0 then your spell damage is reduced by 50%.
* New weak point, Shadow Flare deals x5 damage against him.
* This weak point shares virtue drain creating a farming speed bump.
* Defeat he can award up to 3 Power Scrolls in either Forensics or Magic Resistance.
* Non-Blue Mages can receive 105~115s, Blue-Mages can receive 110~120s.
* Chance to receive one is influenced by Luck.
* No spawner updated included, add him wherever you like.

Since distro scripts keep getting changed I have my own arty drop methods now.

Note: Next week's release may be a little late, but this one is a day early.


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** Week #4 - Artificer Unlocked**
This updates and unlocks most of the artificer content.

Updated to require Tinkering, Sandmining, and Stonemining.

Just a vendor that spawns next to the addon.

Just the vendor information, future selling of the Addon once it's fixed for players is possible.

An addon that has a few things you can click on but they don't exactly advertise themselves.
* Portal: Opens the SpellBindingGump.
* Tools: Opens the CraftRuneBowGump.
* Power Crystal: allows you to sacrifice mana to create Arcane Gems.
Originally this was meant as a house addon but I think including the walls ended up preventing it from being placed by players.

Manual Update To BlueSpawn.cs
            #region Arty
            spawner = new Spawner();
            spawner.MoveToWorld( new Point3D( 809, 636, 0 ), Map.Ilshenar );
            spawner.SpawnNames.Add( "ArtyVendor" );
            spawner.Count = 1;
            spawner.HomeRange = 0;
            BlueStuff.Add( spawner );
            ArtyCraftTableAddon artyaddon = new ArtyCraftTableAddon();
            artyaddon.MoveToWorld( new Point3D( 804, 630, 0 ), Map.Ilshenar );
            BlueStuff.Add( artyaddon );
After adding run the [bluespawn command in game to update. Placement is just east of the stone carving area in Gargoyle City.


Let's Go Back And Remember What This Thing Does!
All of this stuff was present in the release before, it's just only staff could access it by commands. This update opens it up for players to use.

Rune Bow
It takes a crossbow, heavy crossbow, repeating crossbow 10 arcane gems, 2 power crystals, 200 of each magery/necro regents, sextent parts, gears, 5 springs, 10 iron ingots, and the loss of 25.0 points in the skill ItemID to make. It uses ItemID as your weapon skill and only Artificers can use (eg, have itemid, tinkering, be in the artificer guild, have stone/sand mining which requires gm mining). The RuneBow also have SpellDamage +25% as a special property.

It can be make in one of four ways. Accurate, Powerful Quick, or Balanced.
Accurate: 10~22 damage, 5.0 speed (there is no accuracy bonus, will fix later)
Quick: 10~12 damage, 2.75 speed.
Powerful: 20~24 damage, 5.0 speed.
Balanced: 18~22 damage. 4.5 speed.

You can choose one of five.
Draconic: works against all creatures with a breath weapon.
Champion: works against any creature inheriting the BaseChampion class.
Faith: works against any monster using the pre-SA undead body IDs.
Paragon: works against any monster with IsParagon flagged true.
Peerless: works against any creature inheriting the BasePeerless class.
Damage is increased by +100% against the chosen type.

Shot Type
A special feature of the Rune Bow is a charge up shot, this is activated by double clicking the bow while equipped and a menu will appear showing current charge level and give you a button to fire it.
Force Shot: vs physical resistance, single target.
Fire Blast: vs fire resist, small 2 tile area of effect.
Cold Bolts: vs cold resist, line effect six tiles long.
Acid Shot: vs poison resist, single target.
EnergyStorm: vs electricity resist, does nothing (lol, will fix later).

Ever 2 seconds the bow gains one charge. Damage is based on the charge.
Charges: one 10~17; two 12~30; three 14~48; four 16~66; five 18~84. (-33% if it's multiple targets, like fire/cold)
Intelligence / 15 (max +10), and the average of your ItemID & ArmsLore /10 (max +20) are added as a bonus.

These special shots can be performed without breaking up your normal attack rate.

You can craft golems, sweet. After crafting the appear as an item in your backpack you can double click to deploy at any time.
Clay: Bashing/Staff/Fists deal 15 less damage to it, can deal MortalStrike.
Blood: Heals 1/10th the damage it deals and heals you 1/20th it deals too.
Iron: Copies the property of an item used to make it.
Fire: Fire spam, has a fire aura, a hit fireball and hit fire aura mace, deals +2~12 fire damage per hit too.

All golems in theory can only be healed by Artificers by doubleclicking them.
Control chance is based on ItemID, Blue Mages cannot bond to them.

You can craft Magery Wands.
TODO: Special Wand of Mark is reserved but not implemented yet.

Similar to wands but as weapons they gain bonuses based on the wielder's chivalry.
Chivalry 25: Used best skill.
Chivalry 50: +10 speed.
Chivalry 75: +10 attack chance.
Chivalry 100: +10 damage.
Chivalry 110: hit energy area 25%, hit lightning 50%, 50% physical & 50% energy damage.
Chivalry 120: caster speed/recovery +1, 0% physical & 100% energy damage.

Spells: cleanse by fire, close wounds, consecrate weapon, divine fury, and remove curse.

As the maces but staffs.
Necromancy 25: mage weapon -0 skill.
Necromancy 50: cast recovery +1.
Necromancy 75: cast speed +1.
Necromancy 100: +10 defend.
Necromancy 110: hit leech hits 25%, hit fireball 50%, 50% physical & 50% fire.
Necromancy 120: +25 attack chance, hit lower defend 50%, 0% physical & 100% fire.

Spells: animate dead, blood oath, corpse skin, evil omen, pain spike.


Intended Future.
1. Some time later the Accuracy Type and StormShot will be fixed.
2. The three other items will become craftable using items on the bench.
3. Mana needed to forge an arcane gem will decrease based on upgrades once privatized.
4. RuneBow sporting other item properties as upgrades will be added.

But that's all for another day. Designing the bench took longer than I thought.


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I don't know why no one has commented on this yet, I have just been watching and waiting, love what you're doing!
I mean now that you said something, I will:
This is amazing, Peo! I am glad that you are back and finishing off BME! ;) :cool:

(I am pretty sure my message "poking" him about BME, planted the urge to come back to work on it, but the important thing is, Peo came back! :D)


No new release this week. I got a chunk of it done but it occurs to me that I didn't actually test it. So I'm going to add a thing to the log to print the details and ensure it's at least adding things up correctly.

So this week's update is pushed to next week (which originally wasn't going to have a release due to the holidays).


**Last Week Is Today! *Ahem* Week #5 - Scaling Support**

Here is an updated BlueSpawn.cs. Buried at the bottom of the file is a new class called BlueServerState. What this thing does is ten seconds after world load is skim through all the players of your shard that's logged on within the last thirty days. It checks them for a few key skills like all the casting spells, music, taming, stealing, and finally tactics then kicks out some information. Some of this data I plan to use elsewhere but for the Spawner's purposes if you have ten players with at least one of those skills at 100.0 or better they are counted against the Spawner's scaling (a 1~3 level range).

For example, instead of two BlueImps there is now 1 per ten active players (min 1, max 3). There are 2 BlueCactuars per ten active players (min 2, max 6), and so on. This also reduces the number of BlueSnowElementals guarding the path to the Ethereals, going as low as only having one per spawner or as high as three leading to one of the mountain tops having six of them running around. This slightly customizes the difficulty curve of the expansion based on your Shard's available teamwork. People wanting to become Blue Mages in new shards with little support can hope for less monsters to deal with while others on more populated shards wanting to take advantage of the powerful spells will still have to run or fight past dozens of monsters to gather their spells.

Right now the system doesn't automatically update so you'll have to hit run the [bluespawn command to update Spawner scaling every time you notice your playerbase has changed. Later on I'll probably look towards renewing scaled values once a week.


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Week #6 - Example Of Scaling
This week is a relatively minor update but forward progress is progress and at least I didn't skip things because I felt like it :p

Switch Update
If less than ten players with GM Magery are found after world load Switch gains the ability to mark runes by targeting yourself.

And that's pretty much it. Everyone needs runes but even with various spell systems such as vamp, jedi, ACC, etc very little Mark access is given even through several spells require them. So players have to pick up magery (limited for blue mages), ask other players (this system is designed for), or create a mule. So this jump starts a blue mage's access and sort of inverts the deal. Blue magic can mark them but does not use them, so you still need to grab your favorite recall access.


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