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Body Sash of Giant Strength 1.0

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Ok, I was thinking of keeping this one to myself and for my shard only, but since this was my FIRST actual undertaking of making a bonafide working script......well, I felt I should let the baby go and see the world. Besides that, I was overly excited that I got it working; with help.

This is a drop-in, restart server, and that is it.
No core mods are necessary.

And so, here is......

Body Sash of Ettin Strength

Credits go out to:
Thank you to MondainsTriumph for creating the "Referral Sash", for which I "borrowed" & modified.
Also, thank you for whoever made the "Halloween Costumes" for which I started this project with.

THANK YOU goes out to Punkte, who discovered why my one minor problem was a problem, and how to fix it.

Scripted by John Burns on 12-18-17
Zak, Zaksmeer

I made this after a friend of mine told me about his adventure in a previous D&D Campaign, from way back when, that involved his character finding a Girdle of Giant Strength. The Girdle was cursed. He put it on and it gave him the strength of a giant, but transformed him into a woman.

So I thought it would be kind of neat to bring that into the game, but as a "Body Sash of Ettin Strength".
john burns
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One small recommendation, You might want to add a variable to store the Facial Hair Item ID so putting on the sash doesn't simply wipe facial hair, unless that is desired.

Also you might want to store if the display guild title is true originally so if there is some one who doesn't want it on it isn't turned on when the wearer takes it off.

Otherwise again, looks nice. Bet it's pretty popular on your shard :D
john burns
john burns
Thats the wonderful part.
You put it on and the facial hair goes away.
You take it off and the facial hair comes back.

As far as the Guild Title goes, that was from the costume I borrowed the code from.

And my shard is still in "being built" stage.

But since that was my first actual script I just needed to blow my own horn.
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