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Body Sash of Giant Strength 1.0

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Ok, I was thinking of keeping this one to myself and for my shard only, but since this was my FIRST actual undertaking of making a bonafide working script......well, I felt I should let the baby go and see the world. Besides that, I was overly excited that I got it working; with help.

This is a drop-in, restart server, and that is it.
No core mods are necessary.

And so, here is......

Body Sash of Ettin Strength

Credits go out to:
Thank you to MondainsTriumph for creating the "Referral Sash", for which I "borrowed" & modified.
Also, thank you for whoever made the "Halloween Costumes" for which I started this project with.

THANK YOU goes out to Punkte, who discovered why my one minor problem was a problem, and how to fix it.

Scripted by John Burns on 12-18-17
Zak, Zaksmeer

I made this after a friend of mine told me about his adventure in a previous D&D Campaign, from way back when, that involved his character finding a Girdle of Giant Strength. The Girdle was cursed. He put it on and it gave him the strength of a giant, but transformed him into a woman.

So I thought it would be kind of neat to bring that into the game, but as a "Body Sash of Ettin Strength".
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