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Misc Tutorial For Ubuntu 14.04 LTS + ServUO For Linux Ver. 2.0

This is Version 2.0 of getting ServUO on Linux. This time, instead of from memory, I actually did it and wrote it down as I did it. THIS VERSION should get you up and running with a ServUO on Linux without any problem. Unlike the first version to this, I think I added or forgot a step or two that was needed.

Here is Version 2. I only edited where you needed to download and install the right files you needed.


I would to thank the community for all their help with getting my Linux ServUO server and shard up and running. Thanks everyone for putting up with my million posts that was stacked on top of one another which irritated some people but forgave me.

I thought after my success I should write a tutorial about how I did it for other people who may be interested. I needed to write this tutorial after I screwed some settings on my Linux L.A.M.P server that dealt with Apache. I was able to do this at one time, I can do it again.

Some of the programs that I use to accomplish this goal are:
  1. For SSH I use FireSSH which you can find under addons for Mozilla Firefox, which allows for cutting and pasting.

  2. To edit all of the files on the server, I use vi <filename> which is already installed with the server. I have found you don’t need anything more than that.

  3. Tmux is used to run the server even while I log off. I like it because I found it to be the most stable one out there. I tried using screen, but it killed the server session after twelve hours of operation. I was not happy.
I did quite a bit of research on different pages on and to get this going because I could not find a single tutorial that actually worked for me.

You may get some errors, I would recommend researching them on The community there are knowledgeable, friendly, and a great bunch of people. I didn’t have any, that’s why I didn’t list them and add the solutions because mine was working from before and all I did was copy it on a usb stick as a back-up copy and re-installed it on the refreshed server.

I am assuming that you have Ubuntu 14.04 LTS installed with SSH.

a. If you would like, you may also install L.A.M.P., ftp, DNS Server, and PostGreSQL.

Search Google on how to install it but to save you time I have listed one for you----
How To Install Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS Trusty Tahr - Ubuntu Server Guide

1. use your SSH software to log into your server.
a. Some people use a personal computer in their home, with a keyboard and
monitor and log on directly. However you would like to do it, it does not matter.

2. Get root access by typing sudo su and enter your password.

3. Sudo apt-get update

4. sudo apt-get install mono-complete subversion

5. sudo apt-get install monodevelop

6. sudo apt-get install zlibc zlib1g zlib1g-dev

7. Compile ServUO with the following code:
mcs -sdk:4.5 -out:ServUO.exe -d:MONO -d:Framework_4_0 -d:ServUO -optimize+ -unsafe r:System,System.Configuration.Install,System.Data,System.Drawing,System.EnterpriseServices,System.Management,System.Security,System.ServiceProcess,System.Web,System.Web.Services,System.Windows.Forms,System.Xml,OpenUO.Core.dll,OpenUO.Ultima.dll,OpenUO.Ultima.Windows.Forms.dll,SevenZipSharp.dll -nowarn:219 -recurse:Server/*.cs
a. If you get any warnings during the compiling stage, IGNORE THEM,
they do no damage to the server.

8. * * * VERY IMPORTANT * * *
1. type sudo su to get root access (if you have not already)
2. type chmod 777 /path/to/your/server's/save/folder
a. so your server can write the saves, if you don't, it will crash the server.
b. Trust me, took me an hour before I realized what was wrong.
3. mono ServUO.exe

9. Enjoy and have fun.
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