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Cartography Fix - Make Maps for all Facets 2015-10-31

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This is not my work.

I am just sharing a veru useful fix posted on runuo forums, which will allow player to craft maps outside felucca (malas, ilshenar ecc ecc...)

Dreamseeker said:
I've edited the Player Crafted Maps so they work on all Facets. No more Grey indecipherable maps when using Cartography. Plotting courses with Ships should work with them (can't see why not)

All four player made map types will work as they always have on Trammel and Felucca.

- Replace Localmap.cs, Citymap.cs, Seamap.cs, Worldmap.cs and also MapItem.cs

- Edit out/Remove this part in CraftItem.cs

(Line 1206 -> 1210 approx)

else if (typeof(MapItem).IsAssignableFrom(ItemType) && from.Map != Map.Trammel && from.Map != Map.Felucca)
item = new IndecipherableMap();
from.SendLocalizedMessage(1070800); // The map you create becomes mysteriously indecipherable.
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