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Catamarans 2015-05-14


  1. Huntress
    Here are some ships I designed one day after being really boared out of my mind. I made this ships about a year ago in hopes of replacing them with the standard smallish dragonships for pirates. if you happen to have that as a script. My reasoning was that there was no deck to fight on a dragon ship if there were 5 pirates or more.

    these were created in UO Fiddler and exported as text files. they can be imported into UO Fiddler and save as a multi file. I am not a scripter so as to the exit method of the ship (gangplank) i leave it to you to code. so feel free to add these to your shard. i have Included images of each facing as well for both types of ship.

    Pirate Large Dragon Catamaran (East).jpg Enjoy