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Map0 Floating City 2016-06-03

Map0 City

  1. Huntress
    will need to extract via uo fidler or CentrED-plus
    Something I had worked on earlier this year and thought i would share it with the UO community.

    This is a Fully decorated Floating City located south of Moonglow. a rather Large City with over 25 theamed Rooms If you wish to use it as a city. I have used this as a Pirate Base event area and it worked well

    You will have to copy area of map to your map as I know of no other way to transfer it and still keep the integraty of the city. i use UO fiddler to copy the map and statics.

    ive includded some pictures city view.jpg interior north.jpg interior west.jpg market square.jpg south.jpg tortured souls area.jpg