Christmas Quest - Slay the Evil Reindeer

Christmas Quest - Slay the Evil Reindeer 1.0

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Hello and seasons greetings friends!

This year as a a gift to all SERVUO players I've decided to share my custom quest I've literally just created.

How do I set this up? You need to download the files, unzip it and place in your Custom folder in Scripts

[add LazyElf - Place by Yew Moongate
[add Xmlspawner - EvilReindeer

NOTE - If your running the latest version of SERVUO and this errors it's possibly because you already have one of the items I've included in the folder like the HolidayClothing.cs for example (delete if you already have it). Some of the rewards are base rewards in the game (standard SERVUO files) the others are custom added items that I've used and included in this quest.

The quest reward item is based off a script that was shared to the community already. I've just tweaked it. The quest item you can test by using [add LimitedStocking the idea being after Christmas I'm going to [global delete where LimitedStocking to remove all of these quest item until the following year.

On my shard the quester is going to by Yew Moongate and the Evil Reindeer are going to be spawned all around Yew forests. This is where the quester currently states they can be found although of course you can decide to place it where you want just make sure to edit the line 27 on EvilReindeerQuest.cs

Anyways, hope your enjoy this any issues feel free to DM me and I'll do my best to offer support.

Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas!

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Much love

Aj - Age of Britannia - AKA - GMRasta

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