Thanksgiving Quest!

Thanksgiving Quest! 1.1

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Greetings Pilgrims!

I'm from the UK but created this for my American friends and decided to share this quest with everyone....

Completing the quest (slaying 10 wild turkeys) rewards the Horn Of Plenty but can obviously be changed.

[additem ThanksgivingTurkey - Name of the monster to slay
[additem HungryPilgrim - Name of the quester

[additem HornOfPlenty - if you want to see the reward

On my server I'm going to [add xmlspawner in Yew and change the spawn range and home range to massive so they can spawn anywhere around Yew forests but you can decide to change this it's up to you....

Please don't forget to like / comment / and or rate it helps me improve - thank you <3

Aj - AKA - GMRasta

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