1. D

    DailyQuests 1.02

    This is a Daily/Weekly Quest system I have been working on for a while. It purposely will not compile as is, since anyone using this SHOULD double check the ItemSets, and Quests before using, as they may not be balanced for your server. The QuestSpawner.xml file is an XMLSpawner file that will...
  2. danielsheep

    Not A Bug Missing a Quest Npc[A Visit To Castle Blackthorn Quest]

    Today, one of our players told me that "A visit to castle blackthorn quest" cannot complete because of a quest npc. The npc name is JESTER located at castle of blackthorn in trammel. I attatch images. We don't have this NPC yet?
  3. Falkor

    Zelda Quest (from RunUO) 1.0

    The original Zelda quest by Vladamere from RunUO. Quest items are likely overpowered for most shards. Be sure to edit their properties to fit your needs before going live with the quest. In my experience the "crushingtarget" items that block access to Ganon need to be augmented with...
  4. ParanoiaPhD

    Not A Bug Hawkwind npc quest doesn't show up in quest log (Skill Masteries Quest)

    I walk up to Hawkwind near the vally of edon moongate and he offers me a quest. I accept. I leave and check my quest log and there is nothing there. I try to talk to Hawkwind again but he says nothing. Basically you can't do this quest to get the masteries.