White Rabbit

White Rabbit

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Looking for a simple and fun quest for your players? Look no further than this script! It spawns a White Rabbit in the world, and players must find and kill the rabbit for a reward. But how can they find it? By asking vendors about the White Rabbit, of course! The answers will be different depending on whether the rabbit is on the same map and region as the vendor, so players can use process of elimination to narrow down the rabbit's general location.

Once players find and kill the White Rabbit, they'll be rewarded with gold and potentially a golden carrot. If they have the golden carrot on them when killing future rabbits, they'll receive even more gold. As well as call local rabbits to aid the beholder when in a battle!

Best of all, the rabbit will never spawn in the same location twice, ensuring that this quest always feels fresh and can't be exploited. So give your players a fun challenge and see if they have what it takes to hunt down the elusive White Rabbit!
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  1. Hot Fix

    *Fixed issue where the vendor would reply with "Mask" plus Converted right, left, up and down to...
  2. Hot Fix

    *Fixed bug where White Rabbit doesn't respawn once killed!
  3. Hot Fix

    *Fixed potential crash if staff uses the kill command, throws an error as the killer is null!
  4. Hot Fix

    *Missed a line of code, my bad!
  5. Minor Update

    *Cleaned up using statements, Ultima would cause errors in 58 +Added special ability for the...