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DailyQuests 1.02

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Pub57/58, Minor Core Edit (SetItem.cs), Minor server specific modifications
This is a Daily/Weekly Quest system I have been working on for a while. It purposely will not compile as is, since anyone using this SHOULD double check the ItemSets, and Quests before using, as they may not be balanced for your server.

The QuestSpawner.xml file is an XMLSpawner file that will generate the Quest Givers (3 quest givers), in every bank except Luna, and Ter Mer. Luna the Quest Givers appear on the second floor above the bank.

OnlineTime.cs has the timer for giving out Online Tickets. They can be opened for small reward, used to hand in the quests, or removed entirely from your server as neccessary.

CombatTicket.cs and CraftTicket.cs are both RNG style loot boxes, with chances at Daily Quest Set Items, Runic Tools, 1m jackpot, and 1k sovereign jackpot. These should be adjusted to your servers balancing specifications.

Readme.txt includes a little ReadMe w/ installation instructions. The only core edit required is in SetItem.cs
public enum SetItem

And it only requires the 4 Daily Sets being added to the server if you add them. If you do not use the item sets included you will not need to do any Core Edits.

Inside the Quests Folder are the config files for all the Daily/Weekly Quests, and the NPCs involved. They come wearing the Daily Set Items, so you will need to redress them if you do not include them. CombatQuest, CraftQuest, will both need to be modified, as they include some of our custom mobiles (to prevent automatic compiling). BossQuest is a weekly reset timer, containing 1 quest, specifically to kill Barracoon (changeable).

Special Thanks to:
Vorspire - Pointing me in the right direction. I never quite got there, but it was still helpful
deccer - You answered the one last question in Discord I had. You were a bit of a dick, but you still gave the the answer I needed to finish this
Abandoned Universe - Everyone on Abandoned Universe for dealing with the testing and the small issues found in earlier versions
kfritz411 - Being my amazing sounding board, and being able to bounce ideas off you. We don't always get the right answer, but we usually find it together in the end.
PyrO - Answered a couple of my questions
Visam - Thanks for that big writeup on xmlspawner. I try not to use it very much, but its the easiest way to transfer mobile spawn locations.
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