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The Farm Minigame 1.03

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Works on most recent ServUO release
Just a little minigame script I setup for my Server. I figured I'd release the code so anyone who is trying to do anything similar, or who wants to do something similar, can borrow my code. As far as my tests have shown, this is working entirely as intended.

BaseFarm.cs - Base Farm Mob file. Any mobile that uses BaseFarm.cs as a base will have a bunch of different features. (I made this for easier control of the minigame) Default is 5% chance for FarmMob to award a FarmTicket.
FarmMob.cs - A randomized Mobile I created. They are fairly weak, but annoying. They are spawning in groups of 5 on my server, and are doable with two or more people.
FarmTicket.cs - This is the RNG Box. Can only be opened inside your house. Default is 100% chance 1k gold added to bank, 50% chance for either 100 Valorite Ingots, 100 Heartwood Boards, or 100 Barbed Leather, 1% chance for Clothing Bless Deed, 1% chance for Powder of Fortification, 1% chance for 1000 Sovereigns, 1% chance for 1 million gold added to bank. I would recommend modifying this file for your own purposes before using this plugin.
TheFarmGuide - Custom book explaining the features of the Minigame to my players. I would also change and/or not use this.

This mini game does not include preset location, or spawners. You can add an xmlspawner spawning these anywhere in your world, and the system will work.
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