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CompletelyCustomizableVendor overhaul and update 1.3

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I've updated the CompletelyCustomizableVendor script to work with the newest repo and added some of my own updates

ver 1.1
1) Now supports 6 items per page instead of 4
2) Overall "reskin" of the gump to look better
3) Amounts now support commas, so you'll see 1,000,000 instead of 1000000
4) I've taken the single file that this system use to be in and separated into individual files and folders.
- Makes a HUGE difference if you want to edit the system further
5) Created a Settings script to do certain edits easily
6) Items will now be centered or nearly centered in the middle of the button
7) Mouse hover over items now works so you can see the item properties
8) The exploit that allowed players to edit the item cost, etc has been fixed in this version by @Tresdni in a previous version he published

ver 1.2
9) Added in that the box that holds the reward items is not Visible by default so players can't see it if they press Ctrl + Shift

vendor screen shot.jpg

vendor screen shot 2.JPG

Settings options

public abstract class Settings
        //main background of the gump
        public static int backgroundID = 30546;

        //button id behind the item
        public static int itemButton = 2329; // 2328
        public static int itemButtonPressed = 2328; // 2329

        //if you want to have the button "frame" and fill in the center with a different background
        public static bool ButtonBackground = true;
        public static int ButtonBackgroundID = 5104;
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