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Cooking Expansion Set 13

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this has core edits to basecreature and baseai and some other small edits.
This system is getting over haul in parts. I will be updating the system to make it easier to manage and play with. Thanks to all the new UO features in servo.

Version 12
Added to basefood.cs where you will see the skill boosts or stats boosts on foods.
Added random Stat boost Gen to baseFood. times it last is all based on fillfactor.
Removed Asian.cs and AsianFoodItems.cs until later date. Updated the instructions.
Removed BeverageEmpty.cs until later date. Updated the instructions.
Updated Beverage.cs to the current servuo one, Also renamed it to basebeverage.cs
Updated Basefood.cs to match current servuo food.cs.
Removed all foods in the cooking expansion set that servuo base comes with.
Updated Basecookablefoods to match current servuo.
Renamed lot of raw meats. example rawbird to rawbirdexp this way you do not have to remove servuo foods.
Renamed all firelaces with Exp on the end so you do not have to remove or edit servuo.
Renamed defcooking to defcookingExp.cs so you will not need to remove the servuo one.
updated the defcookingexp to work with servuo.
Removed OSI Crops as they are standard crops you can get with servuo.
Update every script to work with servuo.
Started to clean up milk and cheese system.
Milk and Cheese system now in enlish instead of french.
Updated the Setup Guide to the current Servuo.
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