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Cooking Systems Version 2.0

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Here are the Updates

Cooking Expansion Set
Version 2.0

New Name to my Cooking System as am changing it to be better then any one has ever dreamed of

Removed some container foods that had modded client files being used to see them.
Removed decofoods.cs because used modded client files
Changed the name on Meats folder to Protein Foods
Added Oils Folder
Added Beans and Peas folder inside the Protein Foods
Added Eggs folder inside the Protein Foods
Added Meats folder inside the Protein Foods
Added Nuts and Seeds inside the Protein Foods
Added Seafood folder inside the Protein Foods
Added Folders inside the Meats folder
Game Meats/Lean Ground Meats/Organ Meats
Added Folders inside the Nuts and Seeds Folder
Almonds/Cashews/Hazelnuts/Mixed Nuts/Peanuts/Pecans
Pistachios/Pumpkin Seeds/Sesame Seeds/Sunflower Seeds/Walnuts
Added Folders inside the SeaFood Folder
Canned Fish/Finfish/Shellfish
Moved sunflower seeds to the nuts and seeds folder
Added CookedDuck.cs
Added DuckLeg.cs
Added FriedChickenEggs.cs
Added FriedDuckEggs.cs
Removed cookablefood2.cs
Added new Food tag this.Raw = true;
Made all raw food have new raw tag and they can be eaten but watch out hehe.
Added Cauldron to Craft System so can be used as a cooking tool like ovens and fireplaces.
Redid some Cooking menus Just the Start.
Added Rawchicken.cs
Added CookedChicken.cs