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Cooking Expansion Set - It will make you want to run to a store and get food lol

This are all the cooking systems I have updated and started to do more with that hasn't been touch in a long time.. There was lots of errors that all been fixed..

This system will replace lots of your distro files so beware I warned you..

This system adds one new carvable meat soon will be lots of new carvables when am done

I spent hours fixing and making this work with servuo and I will be taking it over and updating it with lots of new systems in it. So look forward to great foods on your...

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LOl my bad you will have a error replace the sheafofhay with this one

using System;
using Server.Network;
namespace Server.Items
publicclassSheafOfHay : Item
public SheafOfHay()
: base(0xF36)
this.Weight = 10.0;
public SheafOfHay(Serial serial)
: base(serial)
publicoverridevoid Serialize(GenericWriter writer)
writer.Write((int)0); // version
publicoverridevoid Deserialize(GenericReader reader)
int version = reader.ReadInt();


for some reason this boards hate me posting code LOL always comes out flat
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Cooking Expansion Set 2.0

Here are the Updates

Cooking Expansion Set
Version 2.0

New Name to my Cooking System as am changing it to be better then any one has ever dreamed of

Removed some container foods that had modded client files being used to see them.
Removed decofoods.cs because used modded client files
Changed the name on Meats folder to Protein Foods
Added Oils Folder
Added Beans and Peas folder inside the Protein Foods
Added Eggs folder inside the Protein Foods
Added Meats folder inside the Protein Foods...

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