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Code Creating Custom Factions Using The Default Faction System

These are a collection of scripts I created by researching on the RunUO forums. I did not create the content but it is really good reference material.

What I did was document the scripts to be edited themselves and put them into this package. I did this because I'm also trying to learn how to do create custom factions and I figured I would share what I've learned so far. I'm hoping to update this as I learn more about this topic.

Oh and these should compile As-Is by replacing the files of the same name in your Faction folder. I also recommend you back this up as always so you can revert the changes if you need to. :)

I tested these tonight. Not to its fullest though... so comments and suggestions and added info are always welcome. I know I still have a lot to learn so if you have any knowledge on this topic to offer I think a lot of people would appreciate reading.
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