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This is a little program I commissioned and then tweaked a bit. What it does is allow you to create, edit, update, delete, save, and load .MAP files for use with UOAM, UOCartography, Enhanced Map, and CUO's World Map; I am sure they work with other Ultima Online GPS mapping programs as well (Maybe).

What are .MAP files?

They were created by Blexan over on uoam.net for use with UO Auto-Map (UOAM). If anyone remembers the UOAM labelling system, then you know what the .MAP files do. They allow you to insert coordinates for locations on the map and have them show up with text and an icon on the UOAM interface. Well this same process works with ClassicUO (CUO) World Map using this program.

Screenshot 2024-01-15 151142.png

This was created in Windows Forms and has fields for every line you modify in the .MAP file. When you save it will save exactly how the aforementioned mapping programs will read them, so no manual editing is needed. I did this because I wanted to edit those labels in CUO and didn't know how to. When I asked someone who knows the program intimately, they referred me to this GitHub which requires knowledge of Python (which I do not have). As a result, my only option was to manually edit those files; which worked maybe half the time and crashed the client the other half because of improper formatting.


In the end, I made it a mission to seek out someone who could create a WYSIWYG type interface and allow me just to plug in the info and have the file automatically created via a save button. I hope you all enjoy this, because it will help you organize your locations on both commercial and free servers. The output looks exactly like this image, and this program has been tested thoroughly:

Screenshot 2024-01-15 155847.png
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