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Custom Door W. Custom Key (Best To Modify for your own Shard use) 2018-04-06

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Was tested with RunUO 2.2 because I'm too lazy to upgrade.
Wasn't able to actually find anything of this sort while browsing through various forums for heaven knows how long so I tried to make my own as best as I could with my meager coding capabilities.

Basically you know just about every classic rpg has those dungeons/houses with unique doors and most of the time are made so that lockpicking is not an option so you're forced to hunt down the actual named key needed for said doors. Well that's finally been made possible and this is great for those who've always wanted that option for doors that didn't require lockpicking skills or randomly generated keys.

Want a house out in the middle of nowhere doubling as an inn that requires keys tailor made for the specific doors and actually require some amount of world exploration? Now you can.

WARNING: This content is best used as a recipe for your own scripted doors and will require making dozens of scripts for each individual one. If such a thing is up your alley.
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